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How to Take the Best First Day of Kindergarten Pictures

Step 1

Choose multiple locations to take the photographs. Take some in the morning at home while getting ready, waiting for the bus, in front of the school and in the classroom.

Step 2

Take staged shots along with candid pictures. Candid pictures of your child getting ready, boarding the school bus or putting his things away in his classroom without a posed smile will allow you to capture more of the day.

Step 3

When aiming your camera, take pictures from different angles and perspectives. Aim your camera, so your child is off-center or at eye-level, or shoot from below. Photos taken from different angles give the pictures movement.

Step 4

Play with your camera's functions. After taking a picture that comes out blurry or with the wrong hues, try turning the flash off or on or change the settings on the camera to suit the location. Have your child move to another spot if a light source around her is creating a problem with the color quality.

Step 5

Take lots of pictures, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

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