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SAHM's Snow Day Survival Guide

This fine Friday morning, my son woke up and went to school. But only for the third time this week. It is January in Chicago and, thanks to our new friend “Polar Vortex,” Januarys in Chicago now seem to involve unanticipated school closures due to extreme weather conditions.

This happened last year to us for the first time, and I have clear and distinct memories of practically clawing my way through those bitter days. Damn, they were hard, brutal really. We live in a condo, and our favorite memory is the 48-hour playdate that spontaneously happened with the upstairs neighbors. The kiddos would go to one home and hang out for a few hours, then tromp up or down the stairs and hit the second home. Aaaahhhh, memories!

Schools would be closed.

This year, when the news hit of school closures due to subzero high temps and a wind chill (do you folks who live in Florida or Arizona even know what a wind chill is?) in the mid -20s range this week, the powers that be called it.

Schools would be closed.

Remember that photo image of Macaulay Culkin from his "Home Alone" stint? That is exactly what most stay-at-home moms look like when school closure news hits. Now, in my second year of this stuff, I want to share my hard-earned wisdom. I present to you the SAHM Snow Day Survival Guide. May it bring you warm comfort in these dark days of winter.

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