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Parents Now Spend More Time on Kids' Homework

Photograph by Getty Images

Today's parents are way more involved in helping kids with their homework than their parents were back in the day.

Of the 12,000 parents and teachers surveyed, 80 percent reported spending more time on their kids' work than they reported their own parents spent on their own. And it's no wonder: 70 percent of teachers surveyed said they expected parents to help at least sometimes.

Some of that may change as states roll out the new Common Core State Standards. Already, homework meant to help students develop the skills embedded in the standards gained national attention for being mind-boggling to moms and dads who were taught different steps in order to solve a math problem.

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The Education.com survey asked teachers how well-prepared they are to teach those standards and at least one-quarter said they weren't receiving enough guidance for how to implement CCSS.

Still, parents are by and large happy with the quality of their kids' education. More than 75 percent rated their kids' education as good very good or excellent. Of that same group, though, almost half think schools nationwide are only satisfactory, fair or poor.

Teachers beg to differ. Nine in 10 rated their schools as good or better. And well over half said education around the country is good, very good or excellent.

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