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Ways to Soothe Your Baby

Sound machine

Babies often respond favorably to the soothing noises of a sound machine. Play around with the settings to see which appeals to your baby. With choices like ocean waves, thunderstorms, white noise, babbling brooks and chirping birds, you never know which one might capture his attention and soothe him to sleep.

Washer and dryer

Many parents report that the noise and vibration of the washer and dryer are soothing to their baby. Throw a load of clothes in to wash or dry. Place your baby in an infant seat, then place the infant seat on top of the washer or dryer. Stay with her and hold onto the seat to make sure she is secure and that there is no danger of her falling off.

Ceiling fan

The gentle hum, soft breeze and circular motion of your ceiling fan may calm your cranky baby. Turn it on a slow speed and place the baby's bassinet or infant seat nearby. Be careful not to turn it so high that it scares her or creates too strong of a breeze.

Warm blanket

A soft blanket that has been warmed in the dryer is an option to comfort your baby. Let it cool just slightly when you take it out and swaddle your baby in it. The warmth of the blanket and the snugness of swaddling may be what she needs to make her feel safe and secure.

Car ride

When all else fails, many parents buckle their infant safely into their car seat and take them for a slow drive. Often the hum of the engine and the motion of the automobile will lull them to sleep. Turn your heat on low to get it slightly warm in the car and see if your daughter doesn't quit crying and nod off.

Infant swing

Busy moms and dads know all about the soothing power of the infant swing. Whether the baby is bored, colicky or overtired, the back-and-forth motion of the infant swing often produces a gentle rhythm that she loves and puts a smile back on her face. A slow setting is best so as not to startle or upset an already unhappy baby.

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