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Easy Activities for Babysitting


A key component for success in babysitting is keeping the kids entertained and happy. Creative projects are much more exciting than simply watching TV or having the children play by themselves. Engaging the kids in creative projects with you will pass the time quickly. They are apt to be on their best behavior while engaged in productive activities.

Face Painting (Ages 4 and Up)

A small artist's brush and nontoxic water-based face paints are the only tools you'll need to keep the kids entertained. Clown faces are easy to do for any skill level. You can also let the kids choose what kind of character they would like to be.

Brown Bag Hats (Ages 4 and Up)

Brown paper bags make fantastic hats. Turn the edges up to form a brim. Let the kids color designs with crayons or water-based markers. Have scraps of ribbons and cut out colorful paper shapes that they can add with a glue stick. Don't forget to spread out newspaper to cover the table's surface before they begin their project.

Full-Size Self-Portrait (Ages 5 and Up)

Supply each of the kids with a white paper tablecloth and water-based markers. Have the child lie down on top of his tablecloth. Then trace around him in pencil so that he has an outline of himself. He can fill in the details with markers to make the drawing look like himself. When the kids are finished, you can cut the drawings out with scissors so they can hang them in their rooms.

Make a Video (All Ages)

Kids are natural little actors and love to be in front of a camera. Choose a theme and have them act it out as you video them with your camera or phone. Get permission from the parents before photographing their children, though.

Scrapbooking (Ages 6 and Up)

Scrapbooking is an easy craft and an activity that is fun for kids. You will need an 8-by-11 piece of paper for the background Have an assortment of ribbon scraps, fabric scraps, buttons and magazine pictures for them to glue onto their page with a glue stick. They might like to choose a theme for their page, such as their vacation or a holiday.

Make a Box Car (Ages 2 to 4)

Small kids love to play with cardboard boxes. A large one can become a box car with the help of some crayons or water-based markers and their imagination. Help them draw the details of a car (headlights on the front, windows, wheels and doors). Attach a 3-foot piece of rope to the front by punching a hole in the middle of the box so that you can pull the youngsters around in their "car."

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