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What Kids Really Think of Valentine's Day

Ahhh, Valentine's Day. The holiday of love and romance. But not for everyone.

Some despise the holiday, as it rubs salt in the wounds of loneliness or singlehood. While others enjoy the sweet gestures of chocolates and roses, or massages and date nights, there are those who scoff at the commercialized holiday, which seems to be a shallow money-making scam.

There are so many ways to feel about Valentine's Day, I needed help simplifying things. So I looked to the group of people that always know how to get right to the heart of the matter: kids. I asked them, "What is Valentine's Day?" Here's what they had to say:

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"It's a day when you give out Valentine's Day cards. I think that's it." — Dafna, 5

"I don't know. But you get candy!!" — Anika, 8

"I think you're supposed to find someone cute and hold their hand." — Oscar, 6

"Valentine's Day is when you give cards with heart stickers all over them." — Dev, 10

"It's a holiday about hearts and love and stuff." — Max, 7

"So there was this man, I forget his first name, but his last name was Valentine, and he was a very kind man. And actually, I think his first name was "Kind," and he made up Valentine's Day. It's for people to get together and have fun." — Ramona, 8

"It's kind of like Christmas, except not as good." — Sophie, 9

"It's like where it's basically you give people cards, and it's "be nice to everybody" day. Like if you see a stranger on the street, you can say, 'Hi.'" — Aki, 7

In middle school, you pass out cards and then go home and throw them all out. At least I do. I emailed my classmates a PicCollage I made.

"Ehh ... I dunno, the holiday of love, I guess?" — Derek, 8

"It's has to do with St. Valentine's or something, and it's a celebration of love. And stuffed bears and chocolates. It's all about the giant stuffed bears!" — Fiona, 13

"It's also known as St. Chocolat Day." — Gabriela, 12

"Valentine's is that day when my parents make me and my brother stay home with a babysitter so they can go and watch a movie or something." — Jack, 10

"Valentine's Day is a holiday made by greeting card companies to make money." — Iris, 13

"In middle school, you pass out cards and then go home and throw them all out. At least I do. I emailed my classmates a PicCollage I made." — Mike, 11

"It's a holiday where you tell the person that you love them. It's the loving holiday!" — Olivia, 11

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"Valentine's Day is a day you get together with people you love and celebrate caring for each other." — Bryan, 14

"It means loving other people and sharing with other people and giving. That's what it's all about. Love." — Sachi, 4

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Image by Cherie Lockwood

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