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14 Ridiculous Things Kids Do When It Snows

With the first snow each winter, you'll hear lots of people comment about how other adults have lost their minds.

"Wow, looks like everybody forgot how to drive on the white stuff again this year!"

"You're late to work because of a little snow?"

"First dusting of the year—OF COURSE they canceled school!"

But you know who else loses their minds each winter and keeps losing their minds, all winter long?


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We're months into it now, yet my children still somehow manage to forget on a daily basis what season it is; just the other day, two of my kids walked home from school without hats or gloves on. Oh, they had hats and gloves with them, zipped securely into their backpacks, and it was all of 23 degrees outside, and yet the thought of putting on their winter clothes never even occurred to them.

Maybe it's a rite of passage in the winter during childhood to lose all the sense in your head.

I know I was guilty of it myself as a kid; I distinctly remember running out of the house as quickly as possible so my mom couldn't slip empty bread bags over my feet before I put my boots on (and I also remember how uncomfortable it was to play outside with sopping wet socks on, yet I refused to learn my lesson). I regret nothing. So I suppose maybe it's a rite of passage in the winter during childhood to lose all the sense in your head, because it seems like every single kid does these kinds of ridiculous things when it snows:

1. Beg to go outside and then complain about how cold it is outside.

2. Beg to go sledding but then complain that the hill is too high.

3. Announce elaborate plans for building a snow fort when there's a quarter-inch of snow on the ground.

4. Decide they need to pee after you just spent 25 minutes getting them bundled up.

5. Walk next to the perfectly clear, shoveled sidewalk...

...when they aren't wearing boots.

6. Dash off to climb filthy piles of plowed parking lot snow while you're trying to put groceries in the trunk.

7. Start a snowball fight that always ends with everybody just cramming snow down the backs of other people's coats.

8. Jump in slush puddles, as if they don't know their pants will get wet.

9. Eat snow by the handful...

...off the bumper of the road-salt covered car...

...when they aren't wearing mittens.

10. Wade into a snowdrift up to their hips and cry until you wade in to rescue them.

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11. See how far they can get into the house before you yell, "DON'T FORGET TO TAKE OFF THOSE SNOWY BOOTS!"

12. Leave their scarf outside because apparently the snowman needed it more than they did.

13. Go outside for three minutes and then ask for hot chocolate.

14. Stay inside and push the limits of the iPad's battery life.

Image via Robyn Welling

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