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Parents, Teens Aren't Talking Enough About College Bills

Is your child planning to attend college? If so, have you discussed who will pay for the classes, textbooks, room and board?

A new survey out says that about half of teens — 48 percent, to be exact — think their parents will help pay for higher education, while only 16 percent of teens' parents in the survey said they were planning to pay for their child's college education.

But looking to parents for financial support didn't stop there. Eighty-four percent of teens surveyed said they looked to their parents for information on how to manage money, while only one-third of parents say their family's approach to financial matters is to not discuss such matters with their kids.

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This study was conducted by the Junior Achievement (JA) and the Allstate Foundation's annual Teens & Personal Finance Survey. It surveyed 801 parents of teens ages 13–18 years old, and 800 teens ages 13–18 years old.

"This year's survey clearly shows parents play a critical role in helping their kids understand how to manage money and become financially savvy," said Allstate's Jim Haskins, a board member of Junior Achievement of Chicago. "Talking with our kids about money management at an early age prepares them to more confidently handle financial decisions in the future."

Furthermore, the survey found that teen girls are oftentimes left out of the discussion when it comes to talking with their parents about finances. Teen girls are more likely than boys to say their parents don't talk to them enough about money management (40 percent to 24 percent), as well as paying for college (34 percent to 23 percent).

Have you talked to your child about paying for college? What did you say? Tell us in the comments.

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