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7 Reasons Military Kids Are Awesome

Photograph by Getty Images

April is recognized as Month of the Military Child. Having one or more parents serve in the military brings its own unique challenges. There's a reason why a whole subculture of military brats exists.

With my own little military brat at home, I'm realizing all of the special things that will make him stand out (in a good way!). Here are seven reasons why military kids are so awesome.

1. They are well-traveled

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Some military kids have been to more places in their short lifespan than most other people in their entire lives. From cross country PCS moves to an OCONUS transfer, your average military kid will be immersed in many different cultures.

2. They're multilingual

Well, sort of. When military families travel to different parts of the U.S., or even other countries, they tend to pick up some new vocabulary. I'm sure any military kid that lived in Hawaii can name some Hawaiian slang, or someone stationed in Germany can know what to order at a German restaurant

3. They have friends around the world

After moving to a new city, I wish I made friends as easily as military kids. With social media, they can also keep up with old friends as well as make connections with friends at their upcoming duty station.

4. They are resilient

Having a parent deploy for months—or years—at a time can be traumatic for some. Military kids can adapt and have resources to help them cope.

5. They look so darn cute in the uniform
Depending on how young they are, your military kid may have tried on the service member's cover (hat) or boots or dog tags. At that point, you let out the biggest "awww…" and snap as many photos as you can.

6. They speak military

Military kids know how to tell military time. They know the phonetic military alphabet. They also know the "lingo" (hooah! semper fi! bravo zulu!).

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7. Patriotism runs deep

When the national anthem plays, without being told to, military kids will stand up, take off any hats and place their hand over their hearts. When they hear the colors play, they know to stop playing and show respect.

Why is your military kid awesome?

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