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Spray Paint That Old Batting Helmet!

I questioned how this helmet would turn out, but again, I underestimated the power of spray paint!

Vaughn needed a new batting helmet for softball and Vance's old helmet fit her, so I jumped at the opportunity to cover something with rainbow glitter!

Here's what the helmet started out like, minus the team logo on the front and number decals on the back. (I had already peeled them off.) I cleaned the helmet with rubbing alcohol and dried it completely.

If you haven't spray painted anything in a long time, then I should tell you spray paint has come a looong way. As long as you take your time prepping your item (cleaning, taping, etc.) and do several thin coats, it will work out. I'm not going to draw this process out, but here's the gist.

I started on the underside of the helmet and used a soccer cone to hold it still. Spray many thin coats.

Let the base color dry completely before taping off sections.

(When I spray inside the garage, I use push pins to hold up paper to use as a backdrop.)

Again, I took my time and used many coats of glitter spray and let it dry for a day before using many coats of a clear coat on top.

The inside pics weren't doing the glitter justice. Here's how it shines in the sun!

Overall, it looks really good, Vaughn is excited to use it, and I saved some cash. A win-win! I'll probably add a self-adhesive number decal on the back when we find out what her number will be this season. She's ready to play ball! Hope this helps if you've ever wondered how spray paint will cover a helmet!

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