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30 Questions My Mom Never Would Have Asked

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When I listen to myself speak to my kids, half the time I sound exactly like my mother. On the way back from a party, she'd always ask, "Did you mind your manners?" On the way home from school, her standard line was, "What's new and exciting under the sun?" Now, 30-plus years later, I'm asking those exact same questions of my kids.

But the other half of the time, I hear myself saying things my mother never would have said and asking questions she never would have asked.

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When I look over the list of questions unique to me and my generation, I'm struck by two things: first, how technology is transforming the way we parent; second, I'm reminded of the greater freedoms I have as a woman of my generation and how much more gender equality exists in a marriage today versus one in 1970.

Mostly, the following list of 30 questions my mother never would have asked reminds me that we've come a long way, baby.

Here are 30 questions my mother never asked, but I have (on more than one occasion):

1. Can you do that again so I can get a picture for my blog?

2. Can we fit a car seat in an Uber?

3. Have you seen my Fitbit?

4. Anyone want to come to spin class with me?

5. Can I borrow your cell phone charger?

6. Can I take Tuesday carpool duty because I have therapy on Mondays?

7. How many Weight Watchers points is this?

8. What's Daddy cooking that smells so delicious?

9. Do the kids want to do a Pinterest craft until the rain stops?

10. Should I take a break from Facebook so I can be more present?

11. Did you see how the closets looked after I de-cluttered them?

12. What's the best filter for this picture of the kids at sunset?

13. How long will my shoulders ache from too much downward-facing dog in yoga?

14. Did you remember to DVR my shows while I was gone?

15. Is it wrong to stay up all night binge-watching Scandal?

16. Did you see they had designer jeans at Costco?

17. Is it organic?

18. How much sugar is in it?

19. How many sweets did you have today?

20. Do you want to do gymnastics, karate, piano, French lessons or swimming this quarter?

21. Can I get some "me time" this week?

22. Is that chapter book body-positive?

23. Can we find an alternative to big box stores?

24. Do the moms at school know about my blog?

25. Should we Free Cycle our old couch?

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26. Is there a Groupon for that?

27. Should we crowd source the color of our couch on Facebook?

28. How come I can never get the right sizes when I shop online?

29. Isn't there an app for that?

30. Does everyone in my daughter's kindergarten class have their vaccinations?

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