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5 Things LeJuan James Taught My Son About Me

Photograph by Daniel Montoya

Raising a multicultural son has been quite an adventurous road in parenting for me as a Latina because I'm just doing what comes naturally. Although I was raised in New York, I was brought up with a strong Puerto Rican cultural presence at home. My family was very loving but always worried and overprotective. Fast forward to today, and I find myself doing the same thing. My son does not understand why I won't let him close his bedroom door, nor does he get why I give all his friends the side eye.

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It wasn't until LeJuan James, a Puerto Rican and Dominican comedian with hilarious videos and a huge social media following, came into his life that he got it, and learned to laugh with others who totally get it, too. If you don't know who LeJuan is, he does short videos on Instagram, Vine and Facebook making light of some of the situations many of us with Latina moms have found ourselves in (myself included). I've dodged a few chancletas in my day. It's over the top hilarious but so true in many ways, and I think it's great that my son and I have been able laugh at just how much these videos resonate with us.

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Here are five ways LeJuan James taught my son more about me and helped us bond.

Counting to three

I've been using this method since my son was a toddler. Fortunately, I've never gotten to three. As you can see, it's not pretty.

La playa

When my son's summer camp went on beach trips, he wasn't there. Enough said.


If you're in my son's life, chances are you've gotten a side eye from me. He's un niño de la casa and everyone else is, well … everyone else.


My son doesn't get mail yet. But I monitor my teen's smartphone with apps.

Vicks cures everything

This is the one thing my son actually enjoys. Whenever he gets the sniffles, he wants a Vick's rub.

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