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7 Hidden Perks of Being an Older Mom

Photograph by Getty Images

I'm 46 and my son is 8. That's right, I'm no spring chicken chasing behind my baby chick. I have many friends who had their babies at an early age and because I've been bemoaning the challenges of being an older mom, they've recently helped me see the upside of my situation. At 46, some of my friends' children have left the nest (and left them wanting). These friends are also becoming grandparents in many cases. But I made a different choice and that choice is working out. Here's my rundown of the benefits of being an older mom:

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1. You know yourself

Being an older mom means you're more likely to have explored the inner workings of your heart and mind. You have an idea of who you were before you were someone's mother. You've probably spent time doing things that matter to you and discovered some of the ways you'd like to impact the world.

2. You have valuable life experience

Being an older mom means you've made some good mistakes, solved some good problems and learned that you will survive no matter what. You've seen what you're made of and that you're unbreakable. Your life experience has given you strength and resilience. You will pass your confidence and faith to your children.

You know the world in which your children will be adults is not the world that exists today.

3. You stay young

There is no denying that children are a great deal of work and they demand your energy and attention like nothing else. What is also true is the more energy you expend, the more you have. Children keep you active, vital and young!

4. You understand the value of time

As an older mom, you understand how quickly time passes and that your children are growing up before your very eyes. You take the time to be present and cherish your moments with your children as precious encounters.

5. You care for your health

You know how important it is to be healthy and vital, so you make smart lifestyle choices that enhance well-being rather than deplete it. You want to be around for your children as long as possible and make choices to that end.

6. You're a pro at organizing

Because you value time, you make a point of organizing your life and the events in your children's lives down to the smallest denominator. Even rest is scheduled on the calendar.

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7. You celebrate global culture

When you're an older mother, you've seen that life changes quickly. You know the world in which your children will be adults is not the world that exists today. With this in mind, you work hard to expose your children to the many facets of cultures around the world—races, religions and practices that are different from your own.

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