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What Not to Wear to Prom

The shock. The horror. The eye spasms. That's right, I'm talking about what happens when you get a glimpse of what some teens are wearing to prom these days. I've already been through two proms with my teen daughters, so I know the sheer agony of trying to find the perfect dress. (Hint: There is no perfect dress. Furthermore, if you are shopping with your teen and you pick out a dress and say, "It's perfect!" it will absolutely, positively be the last dress on earth your teen will want to wear.)

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But I also know it's possible to find something that is elegant, flattering, age-appropriate and won't violate the dress code in 10 different ways. I'm all for originality, but make sure your outfit doesn't look like you picked it up at a Halloween clearance sale in November. Here are a few looks that didn't make the grade.

1. I'm not sure if this is a dress, or if she's been TP'd. Either way, I'm just afraid that when she starts to twirl on the dance floor that dress is going to unravel like a mummy.

Image via Bossip

2. Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob, it might be best to leave your obsession with "Twilight" at home on prom night. Plus, no guy wants to stare at another dude's face on his date's clothes. At least that's what someone told me about my George Clooney cape.

Image via Softpedia

3. I don't like this theme at all. I'm not talking about "The '80s" or "Fiesta"—I mean "Dresses That Can Also Be Used as a Table."

Image via Smosh

4. This dress reminds me of something. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Oh, wait.

Image via The Fashion Police

5. I just know she's thinking, "I'm going to strangle him as soon as they take this picture." Girls, just remember that even though you spend days finding the perfect, classy little black dress, your date might still show up with a shih tzu on his head.

Image via Mandatory

6. One of the first rules of prom dressing: Make sure your dress can't take out your date's eye.

Image via Bossip

7. Actually, I give this couple points for gumption and creativity. Plus, it looks like they're having a helluva lot of fun, and isn't that what prom's all about? I'm switching them over to my "What To Wear To Prom" list immediately.

Image via Stuff Happens

8. Not just on prom night, but in life too: It's probably not a good idea to cover yourself with something that symbolizes racism and segregation.

Image via Fox News

9. I guess Jaden Smith gets points for originality, but I'm betting the other kids at the prom aren't too happy about getting their big night hijacked by the Fresh Prince's son. Even his date is probably thinking, "Dude, couldn't you just wear a suit from Ross like everyone else?"

Image via Instagram

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10. I love the trend of groups of friends going to prom together. But girls, resist the opportunity to go to the big dance in your bathing suits.

Image via Team Jimmy Joe

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