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17 Ways to Know You Were a Teen in the '80s

Photograph by Getty Images

Do you find it impossible to part with your fur vest? Can't dance unless Parliament Funkadelic is on the turntable? Then you were probably a teen in the '80s. Sure, this is admitting you're kind of old, but think how jealous everyone is that you got to see the original "A-Team" on your television set—even if you did have to keep getting up to change the channel and adjust the foil on the antennae.

I'm not saying being a teen in the '80s was the best thing in the world, but we were the first ones to dance to Madonna's "Holiday" in a club. OK, maybe it really was the best thing in the world.

Here are some other ways you know you were a teen in the '80s:

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1. You had a crush on John Stamos the first time he was hot.

Photograph by Twenty20

2. You gave someone a mix tape as a gift, and it was actually a cassette, not a CD. (Because that would be a mix CD, duh.)

3. You had an armful of rubber bracelets. That weren't your daughter's.

4. You had serious discussions with your friends about who was better: Duckie or Blane.

5. Let's face it, you pretty much based your life on John Hughes movies.

6. You used a lot of mousse. No really, A LOT.

Photograph by Flickr

7. You would never wear a T-shirt without cutting off the neck.

8. You always had a pack of Now and Laters in your purse.

9. You thought David Hasselhoff was kind of cute and never dreamed he'd eat a hamburger off the floor.

10. You went to Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard and bought a 45. No, I'm not talking about a gun.

11. You wore leg warmers that weren't part of a Halloween costume.

12. You weren't wearing "mom jeans." They were just "jeans."

Photograph by Twenty20

13. You drank a lot of Tab. And then switched to Diet Pepsi.

14. So many of your friends reminded you of Spicoli.

15. You had more than one thing in your closet made entirely of Spandex.

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16. You knew all the words to "Hungry Like the Wolf." Even the part that goes, "Strut on a line, it's discord and rhyme," and makes no sense.

17. You knew at least one person who could do the Rubik's Cube. In real life, not on the Internet.

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