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9 Reasons the Teenager Is My Favorite Kid

If you grew up with a sibling (or five) then you know—everyone wants to think they are Mom's favorite kid. When you have one kid, it's easy to have a favorite. A boy and a girl? I scored big there, because I can honestly say, "You're my favorite girl!" or "How's my favorite boy?" But by the time you have parented for as many years as I have, you know the cold, hard truth: Mom really does have a favorite, even though it's constantly changing. My favorite kid right now is my 16-year-old daughter. Why?

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1. She cooks

Who isn't motivated by food? From salads and cookies to quesadillas, the 16-year-old has tons of yummy tricks up her sleeve. She made me a killer mug brownie from Pinterest the other day for no reason at all. Well, maybe she made it because she knew it would catapult her to favorite status. It worked.

2. She's funny

She has just enough knowledge about the world and a healthy dose of sarcasm that just cracks me up.

Sure, everyone thinks their kids are funny. But as my daughter has grown into her teens she has developed a sense of humor that kills me. She has just enough knowledge about the world and a healthy dose of sarcasm that just cracks me up. And she lets me follow her on Twitter—as long as I just lurk.

3. She's my stylist

At my age, I need all the fashion help I can get. While an 11-year-old might roll her eyes when asked, "Do these jeans make me look old?" the 16-year-old gives me thoughtful advice, great tips and once in a while she lets me borrow something cute from her closet. As long as I don't tell anyone.

4. She has dreams

I loved hearing my kids' dreams for the future when they were little. The kids in our house had aspirations to be a paleontologist, veterinarian, surgeon, astronaut, garbage man or a teacher just to name a few. But listening to my daughter's dreams for the future right now, when she is figuring out where her passions lie, what she wants from life and how she plans to get there? Beyond cool.

5. She doesn't mind being seen in public with me

She's busy with track, school, SATs, work and friends—but she is always willing to be my wingman on a Target run or help me with a quick grocery store trip. And I secretly love every minute. Just don't tell her.

6. She speaks her mind

My daughter isn't afraid to voice her opinion or state her case. I totally admire that.

One of the very best things my husband has done as a father is to encourage our kids to question things. From the time they were little, he would tease and banter with them about anything and everything, and it has paid off big time. My daughter isn't afraid to voice her opinion or state her case. I totally admire that.

7. She is all about the cute

My daughter loves puppies, little kids, frogs, old people, cute turtle videos and anything romantic. All I have to do is share a YouTube video and she's 100 percent enthralled. Cue squealing and laughs.

8. She knows how to do stuff

Need help with the laundry? No problem. Vacuuming? Piece of cake for a 16-year-old. The cool thing about my daughter right now is that she is capable of doing so many things around the house when I need an extra set of hands. And so far, she doesn't seem to be holding it against me.

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9. She's my baby

I'll admit it—part of this whole love fest with my teenager right now is that she's my baby. My last kid. I'm uber-aware that these moments we have together are sliding away with each report card, formal dance and SAT. Sniff.

I won't apologize for favoring my daughter right now; it's only a matter of time until the college kid moves into spot number one for a while.

Image via Twenty20/thu

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