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Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

Image via Mama Papa Bubba

1. Sparkly Cork Boats: We all have extra corks lying around. Make these little cork boats with your little one. When done, you can place them in the pool, bath or even a pond. Get the how-to at Mama Papa Bubba.

Image via Katie Steuernagle

2. Light 'Em Up Fireflies: It's a summer and kids all around the country will be collecting fireflies in jars. To keep the magic alive, even after you've gone inside, make these adorable LED fireflies out of recycled plastic Easter eggs. Get the how-to at: Apartment Therapy.

Image via Amy Vowles

3. Ice Cube Watercolor Paint: Cool off while you're getting your art on. Mix watercolors and freeze. Don't forget to add your Popsicle stick. As the ice melts, create your masterpiece. Get the how-to at: Sheknows.com.

Image via Handmade By Kelly

4. Pom Pom Race: Stop the summer boredom blues by creating an obstacle course using a pom pom and a straw. Place masking tape on your floor and have the kids have to blow a pom pom on the line. Get the how-to at: Handmadebykelly.com.

Image via Ziggity Zoom

5. Water Piñatas: Summer is a time to get splashed. Fulfill your kid's dream by filling balloons up with water and tying them to a line. Then give them a stick and let the water pour. Get the how-to at: Ziggity Zoom.

Image via Crystal Underwood

6. Squirty Chalk: Add color to your neighborhood's sidewalks with squirt bottles filled with a homemade chalk solution. Get the how-to at: Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Image via Handmade By Kelly

7. Tissue Paper Sun Catcher Crafts: All you need are Mason jar lids, contact paper and tissue paper to make these fun and colorful summer sun catchers. Get the how-to at: Handmadebykelly.com.

Image via Atta Girl Says

8. DIY Tic Tac Toe: Make your own family keepsake Tic Tac Toe board out of rocks and a piece of wood. Get the how-to at: Attagirlsays.com.

Image via Creative Green Living

9. Wind Spirals: Recycle old water bottles by transforming them into wind spirals. All you have to do is paint, cut and hang. Get the how-to at: Creativegreenliving.com.

Image via MollyMoo

10. Summer Pinwheels: There is something about pinwheels that scream summer. Maybe it's the carefree whimsy of them. Make some with your kids and enjoy the summer breeze as it blows by. Get the how-to at Kidactivitiesblog.com.

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