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10 Thoughts Every Mom Has When Summer Starts

Ah, summer. That time of endless free time, lazy afternoon in the hammock and beach trips so fun they will make Pinterest jealous.

Just kidding. Here's a little breakdown of summer from every mom's perspective. But don't worry! It will be back to school before you know it.

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1. I am so glad it's summer!

No more getting kids up and out the door at an ungodly hour in the mornings, hooray! Maybe I'll actually make something for breakfast other than cereal…

Image via Tumblr

2. Oh, wait, they're still going to get up at an ungodly hour.

Crap, crap, crap.

Image via Reddit

3. This is the summer we are going to make stuff happen.

I know I said that last summer—and the summer before that—but I really mean it this time.

Image via Tumblr

4. Do they ever stop begging for snacks??

Answer: nope.

Image via Cheezburger.com

5. I should make one of those "bored" jars.

What a great idea—that way no one can bug me and they can learn to entertain themselves.

Image via Haydiroket

6. But on second thought…

That's just more work for me now, isn't it? *kicks children outside*

Image via Tumblr

7. "Mom, look at me!"

They say as they go down the slide/jumping off the swing/skipping/sand castle building/breathing air.

Image via Gifbay

8. We can dine al fresco every.single.night!

Finally, I can try that grilled asparagus recipe I've been looking at forever on Pinterest. We're going to be so healthy!

Image via Tumblr

9. Who am I kidding? Thank God for pizza delivery.

"Kids, who wants to have a pizza party?"

Image via Tumblr

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10. At what point will my children's popsicle consumption be one popsicle too many?

Image via RuinedChildhood.com

Answer: never. Also? You might not want to look at ingredients in those Icee popsicles of our past.

Feature Image via j&j brusie photography

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