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23 Signs Your Daughter Is a Daddy's Girl

I can vaguely recall a time when my girls were crazy about me. They wanted to be by my side constantly; their eyes would grow wide each time they saw me. But then one day I stopped nursing and apparently lost some of my sparkle.

My husband, however, the consistent one that he is, just kept right on being awesome. Despite the girls growing older when it comes to airplane rides and tickle fests and pancakes (yes, he flips them both, ages 2 and 10, like pancakes) it's as though he's never missed a beat.

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It would seem my daughters have never missed a beat either, not when it comes to checking me on all things related to their dear dad. At times it can be slightly annoying, but most of the time I find myself thankful. My parents divorced when I was small, which meant my days weren't filled with my dad in the way it is for my girls. And as a former single, I saw my husband fill a void in only a way a daddy can. But that doesn't mean I don't grin during those moments when I hear my tween say "I want mommy to take me" or my toddler asking "where's mommy?" when she wakes up in the morning.

They love me but there's no denying the fact that they're both daddy's girls. Here are 23 signs that prove I've got daddy's girls on my hands:

1. They give you side-eye but cheerfully smile at him

I get it, they see you all the time, so you're kind of old news. But not dad, plus he sometimes brings home treats from work. Corporate America has its perks.

2. They hijack your phone whenever he calls, which means you'll have to settle for texting him whatever you didn't get a chance to say

It's totally OK though. Texting a list of demands, or requests, leaves less room for error than giving them verbatim.

3. You meet daddy for a late afternoon appointment for the kids, which means separate cars

It also means you'll be driving home alone (but hey you're not complaining).

4. You are repeatedly given the cold shoulder when it comes to drop off

"I want daddy to take me."

5. You are constantly wiping toddler tears because someone went to work and didn't wake the little up to say goodbye

6. You made macaroni for lunch and all your tween talks about is the dish she and daddy made up called macaroni toni (macaroni + pepperoni)

You remember said dish and also, that it was gross. Tween recalls that it was the best macaroni ever, aka better than yours.

7. Those darling daughters of yours call you out for being grumpy when talking to their daddy, who also happens to be your husband.

"Be nice to daddy, mommy."

8. If he's sitting on the couch, chances are one is in his lap and the other is resting her head on his shoulder

And then there's you, sitting solo on the other end of the sofa.

9. They always think of him

You went to the store for one thing, but you're leaving with two because they wanted to get something for their daddy.

10. You're the honorary party pooper in the house, but dad? He's the life of the party

Cookies for breakfast, a movie on a weeknight—come on, mom—live a little.

11. They sit perfectly still for him to brush their hair or teeth

AND they eat all their veggies and seldom talk back to him. Yet you are reduced to making empty threats and negotiating.

12. When calling your kid from the other room:

To dad: "Coming daddy!" To mom: "Whaaaaaat?"

13. They hightail it for the front door as soon as they hear keys jingling from outside

"Daddy's home!"

14. They tell on you for borrowing daddy's clothes

Boxers are perfect for lounging around the house, no? #Sorrynotsorry

15. They want to be just like him

Your closet isn't the only one they raid. They play dress up with his work shoes, prefer his worn baseball cap to any tiara and believe that his ties make for the best accessories.

16. They've asked for a spray of his cologne or a squirt of shaving cream

17. They pay attention to what he likes, ask questions and develop interests in the things he loves

In time, they grow to love them, too. There's something quite special about being "just like daddy."

18. If you can't do/fix/make something, they don't sweat it because daddy can

19. They've let you know that you don't do ____ the way that daddy does

Or they've specifically asked that you do ____ the way that daddy does.

20. If they only had two cookies they'll give dad one (or at least one bite)

21. They can muster up the courage to do just about anything as long as he's there

22. They think all boys are gross

Well, all but one.

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23. At least for now, there isn't a single person on the planet that can make their eyes light up the way he does

In 30 years or so, dad will likely have some competition, but for now he's the most important guy in their life—and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Image via Krishann Briscoe

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