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15 Things Parents Google on a Road Trip

Nothing says summer more than the iconic family road trip. And whether you have a carload of little ones or just one surly teen, we all have one common road trip BFF: Google. Let's take a virtual road trip, shall we?

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1. "Mom, my hands taste salty!"

Google: Does hand sanitizer kill E. coli?

2. "I think you should homeschool us. Then we can take road trips like this all the time."

Google: East Coast boarding schools

3. "Are you having another baby? Because then we could have more kids than adults. That would rock!"

Google: Vasectomy clinics near me

4. "When I'm older, I will still love you the most. Even more than Santa Claus. Because you are the bestest mommy in the world."

Google: Vasectomy reversal

5. "Ha ha, this town is a potty town. Los Banos means bathroom in Spanish."

Google: Is my child gifted?

6. "Can we watch a movie? I want a snack. Did you see that? Are we there yet? How do chickens make eggs?"

Google: Signs of ADHD

7. "Mom, he's lying! I swear I did not punch him or take his iPad. Honest!"

Google: Abraham Lincoln quotes

8. "This song has bad words! Awesome!"

Google: Rihanna lyrics

9. "When we were little, we didn't have iPads. How boring."

Google: Big Bird/Kermit quotes

10. "I'm gonna be grown up in a few years, right?"

Google: Family dude ranch vacations

11. "Teenagers eat a lot, right? So I'm almost like a teenager."

Google: All-inclusive family vacations

12. "You're sleeping with me in the hotel, right? Not Dad?"

Google: Adults-only resorts

13. "I think the baby ate my quarter. I think."

Google: Nearest Urgent Care

14. "Mom, I ate all the Fiber Gummies. Do we have more?"

Google: Nearest emergency room

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15. "I won! I told you I could drink six juice boxes."

Google: How to get vomit out of a car seat

Planning a family road trip this summer? Pack plenty of hand sanitizer, snacks, barf bags—and your phone charger.

Image via Twenty20/przemekklos

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