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7 Things Moms Need to Do In Their Free Time (in GIFs!)

Alone time is incredibly rare when you're a mom. And I mean all alone—no kids, no spouse or partner—just you.

In fact, this so seldom happens for me that when it does I momentarily forget how to be a normal adult person. I'm all, "What do I even do?" Thankfully, this feeling quickly subsides. When this happens to you, don't waste a minute thinking about it; just take action.

Here are some good ways to use your precious alone time, even if it's just an hour or two:

Eat a donut

For once, I don't have to be a shining example of healthy eating. Without little ones tugging on your shirt for a taste, feel free to indulge in something sweet. What I'm reaching for? A custard-filled chocolate donut.

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Get my brows done

It feels pretty good walking into an establishment without having to keep an eye on your kids. Hitting the brow salon is one of my favorite, albeit painful, things to do when I have free time. Getting my brows done by a professional instantly makes feel like a new person. Let's throw in an upper lip wax too, I'm feeling dangerous.

Sink into the Internet

Oh, my neglected Pinterest boards! If you've ever been online while your kids mill about, you've probably felt that pang of guilt—am I ignoring them?—Oops, better click this off. But when you're alone, you can pin, retweet or scroll the Facebook timeline to your heart's content.

Go shopping

Yes, I can go shopping with my toddler, but so much of those outings are spent handing her applesauce pouches, pretzels—anything—while I'm hurriedly trying on clothes. When I'm out alone, I can relish browsing. I can undress peacefully in the changing room, even taking my time to sit on those tiny seats in there, while I carefully slip myself into new outfits.

Visit a kid-free friend

What are people doing these days? When you have a kid-free afternoon, you can find out. You'll hear about late nights out, Netflix marathons and general ennui. Most of all, you'll spend time with someone who reminds you of your pre-mom life.

Be a regular person at a coffee shop

Finally, I can be that person annoyed at other people's children. I'm kidding: You have my empathy, fellow moms of screaming children. Even so, I'm happy to sip and savor my latte rather than racing out with a cup before my daughter disassembles the artisan beans display.

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We all need a reset from time to time. If I have a solid two- or three-hour break, I'll drop into my local yoga studio for a class. I get a workout, a deep relaxation (savasana) and some time to meditate. Whatever your preferred way to relax (Jacuzzi suites, anyone?), enjoy it Mama.

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