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Coordinating Sibling Outfits: Do or Don't?

I'm that mom. The mom who looks at a dress that's available in multiple sizes and sees opportunity. I am convinced that matching (fashion) moments don't have to be limited to Christmas jammies. I tend to love coordinating my kids' clothes and from time to time I will even jump in on the fun if I can find it in my size. (Chuck Taylors for all!)

With the arrival of my second child I was ushered into a whole new world, one in which every outing presented the opportunity for a "matchy matchy" moment. By the time my littlest was 2 she and her sister were #twinning pretty regularly.

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A quick scan of the photos that line my mother's stairway and you will see that, in this case, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. My mom did the same thing with my brother and me although we were much closer in age.

Of course, I don't do it all of the time. They both have their own unique styles and there are certain things they gravitate toward. Sometimes that means a skirt with a pair of converse for one and sandals for the other. Also, the older they get the harder it is finding matching outfits, which often results in me finding similar styles and going from there. With a 10-year-old, I am well aware that my Gap Kids days are numbered.

Sometimes our clothes match and "go together," but as a family we go together, too.

When people see my daughters matching, they either comment on how cute it is or ask my how long I'm going to do this. The truth is, probably until one of them or both of them object. Right now we're twinning it up around here for a few different reasons, the two most important ones being:

1. They love it

Despite the age gap my girls love being "twins." The littlest loves looking like her big sister and the big sister seems to dig that and thinks the mini version of her is exceptionally cute.

2. I love it

So my kids aren't close in age but that doesn't mean I have to miss out on all of the fun. These two adore each other and have such a sweet relationship. In a small way, their matching is a reflection of that—like their outfits, these two go together; they're meant to be.

So for me and for them, this is totally a do. At least for now. The teen years are coming and my oldest may cringe when she looks at photos of her and her toddler-sized sister matching. Or maybe she'll smile, realizing that the 2-year-old wanted to be just like her even after she outgrew the matching jean jacket. In her decision to make light of it, to have fun with it and perhaps even appease her mama, she might realize that it was about more than a cute photo opp. Sometimes our clothes match and "go together," but as a family we go together, too. No matter how much we grow and change, regardless of the time or distance between us, we always will.

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Indirectly, this was about reaffirming the bond of sisterhood, celebrating the gift of close relationships in a small tangible way and acknowledging the fact that these two people each carry a piece of this mother's single heart. The fact that they are both wearing the same dress and sandals? Maybe not the icing on the cake but definitely the sprinkles.

What are your thoughts on coordinating your kid's outfits (beyond the annual holiday card, if you send one), is it a do or a don't?

Image via Krishann Briscoe

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