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5 Tips to Embrace Your Nerd Girl

Dear Nerd Girls:

I just spent every free moment of this past weekend reading "The Walking Dead" graphic novels and tweeting with friends about Comic Con. I wear Vans and sweat pants and glasses. I like superheroes and DIY YouTube videos and science. I also have an awesome husband, two super fun kids, and lots of cool friends who accept and love me for who I am.

Growing up a Nerd Girl is not always easy, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Growing up isn't easy for anyone. No one is exempt from awkwardness, people being idiots and trivial mistakes. Everyone I have ever known has photos from middle and high school with super thick glasses, perms, braces and shorts they loved, even though they were too short and neon green. I am a Nerd Girl, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Remember these 5 tips and believe in your awesomeness—I do!

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5. Jerks and bullies in high school grow up to be the people who cut in line at the bank and let their dogs poop on your lawn because "this is a free country."

When people say stupid things to you (and they will, no one is exempt from this) just remember that while you are thriving in life, they are unhappy. Let them tease you for your good grades and glasses. You think Steve Jobs or Elon Musk let haters keep them down?

4. You're not alone

Maybe you are short, maybe you are tall. Ask your parents and their friends to show you photos of themselves when they were your age. We all got haircuts from our moms, made questionable fashion choices and had pimples. ALL of us. It's temporary and it's universal, so don't ever think you are the only one.

3. Find your people, because they are always out there

Once you put yourself out there a little and start talking about the things you love, you quickly discover that those around you love it, too.

Wish you had friends who loved to get their homework done while drinking smoothies and listening to Taylor Swift? Easy. Like spending your weekend skateboarding, baking and making your own lip balm? No problem. One thing I have learned as an adult is that once you put yourself out there a little and start talking about the things you love, you quickly discover that those around you love it, too. Usually it only takes asking three people to find at least one who's game for your passions.

2. Don't try to fit in

You can't be anyone but yourself, so don't try. Adults who have spent their life pretending to be someone they aren't are often unhappy and lonely. Life is hard enough to navigate without suppressing your joy and replacing it with questionable decisions that may alter your path. Work hard and be an original, it will only benefit you.

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1. Be kind, laugh tons, and show the world that being a Nerd Girl is something to strive for

Nerd Girls are fun, easy-going, clever and successful. Sure, we may geek out when a new Batman movie is coming out or our favorite YouTube star comments on one of our Instagram photos, but that's what makes us awesome. Enthusiasm for life is contagious, so spread the love!

I'd love to hear about what makes you who you are! I'll happily discuss "Game of Thrones" or "Superheroes" at great length, so bring it.

Photo via Photofest/NBC

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