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How We Solved Our Lego Problem

Photograph by Facebook

When I say my son is addicted to Legos, I mean addicted. Do we own every set ever made? If not, I'd like to see one we do not own. I know they are great for his creativity, hand-eye coordination, yada, yada, yada. But have you ever stepped on a Lego piece? Worse yet, have you ever tried to clean them up?

I hate them.

I spend much of my day trying to figure out how to keep the Legos out from under my feet, inside my lingerie drawer (that's a stretch to describe what's in there, but what the hell) and every other place imaginable in the house. I've tried just about everything, but there's only thing I've found that actually works, meaning they are contained and transportable, and he can easily access them. It's a thing called the Lay-n-Go.

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When I came across the Lay-n-Go, I had the "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" moment. Created by a mom of three boys, this is an easy design that makes cleaning up hassle-free with the tug of a cord.

With a 5-foot circumference, we open up the Lay-n-Go and spread out the Legos. Our son and his friends and brother gather around to share in the activity. Then, all I have to do is pull the cord and tug it closed. There's a seatbelt strap on the back so you can pick it up, hang it up or walk away with it.

So simple and easy. This mat saves us all from the endless pain of stepping on Legos.

When our family travels, we use a smaller version called the Lay-n-Go LITE. It's 18 inches around and allows us to bring Legos on road trips, airplanes and to the park. It fits perfectly on the tray of the airplane, and our son plays for the entire trip. We keep the sides partially cinched so that nothing escapes over the side. And then, again, we cinch it closed and put it into my son's backpack.

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During layovers it's the hit of the airport. We've even had the experience of the "shake test" on the Lay-n-Go. Our younger son, trying to antagonize us all, threw the cinched Lay-n-Go in the airport, and we didn't lose a single piece.

At least I haven't stepped on it yet.

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