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My Kids Are At Grandma’s For Four Weeks and I’m So Happy

Photograph by UIG via Getty Images

Don't judge me.

I love my Big Guys (as I call them). I would do (mostly) anything for them, would give my life for them, yada, yada, yada. But I'm so happy that they're gone for four weeks, I can hardly contain myself.

For people who have only one child, you truly do not understand how good you have it. Going from three to one is like being on vacation. Only one voice talking back. Only one voice complaining about food or the lack thereof. Only one person to tell to be quiet because it's bedtime. I'm tell you, vacation.

The mess that is my house can get its yearly cleaning (yeah, only once a year). I actually enjoy to do it, mostly because it will stay nice for more than thirty minutes. Furthermore, with the other persons in the house are either 3-feet tall or 6-feet tall, I know exactly who to blame depending on the height of the mess. Although the big one might try to blame the low messes on the little one, so I also have to be aware of the timing of the mess. If it's after seven o'clock ...

And we can go out to eat and pay like it's only two of us, instead of four grown-ass people. My grocery store bill will be half as much for four whole weeks. I can buy ice cream and not have to share because the little one can't see into the freezer.

This is so exciting.

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