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Paying for More Wireless Than You Need? That's Just Ridiculous.

Photograph by Getty Images

Sometimes we get oversold. It's a fact of life. Companies make products sound more essential and flashy than they really are, and we fall for it. But your wireless service? C'mon. It's easy to bite at all the "premium benefits" and tons of data you'll never come close to using. Look, as a mom, your phone is a necessity. So you deserve a plan that's affordable, worry-free, and easy to manage.

Thankfully, there's a wireless company that gets it and is bringing you savings and peace of mind.

Total Wireless offers worry-free wireless with nationwide coverage on America's largest, most reliable network. Plans include unlimited talk, text, and enough data to keep you and your family happy. It really is the total package.

There are no contracts so you won't get locked into a plan that doesn't work for you. Just switch it up any time to meet your current needs. And never worry about overage charges or hidden fees. Total Wireless doesn't do those either.

With an amazing range of plans, there's certainly something every family can enjoy. Single line plans start at $35 a month for unlimited talk and text plus 2.5GB of data. Shared data plans start as low as $60 a month for two lines of unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of shared data. You can get up to four lines and 12GB of shared data on a plan. And with a great selection of feature-packed smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S®III or Motorola Moto E, you're sure to find one you'll love. You'd be crazy to pass that up.

And just when you thought it was totally sweet, things get even sweeter. You never have to worry if your data runs out because you can add more any time. Total Wireless offers 1.5GB of Add On Carryover® data for just $10. Unused Add On data does not expire with active service, so you'll keep what's leftover at the end of the month.

Lastly, you won't have to go through the hassle of telling everyone you've got a new phone number. Total Wireless lets you keep the one you've got. And if you're real attached to your phone, you can even bring that too!

With Total Wireless, you don't pay for more than you need and everything is super simple. That's something every mom can smile about.

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