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GoFundMe Pages Moms Wish Existed

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My Facebook feed has been blasted lately with requests to back GoFundMe campaigns. I think this is such an innovative way to raise money for people who have suffered loss, come upon hard times or maybe just need a helping hand. But let's be honest, moms—what GoFundMe pages would you really like to see? We're not talking true situations of need, just some extra cold cash for these true mom "emergencies."

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My Kid Will Be Wearing Pull-Ups Until College!

We've read the books and tried bribing him with M&Ms but I have finally come to the realization that Bobby will be wearing Pull-Ups for years. We try to live within our means, but 15 plus years of buying Pull-Ups by the case is too hard on the old wallet. Any amount is appreciated.

The Soccer Field Is Right Next to Starbucks!

I can't believe I have found myself in this position—usually these things happen to other people, not me. My daughter's soccer season started last week and I had the pleasant surprise to find that the practice field is right next to Starbucks. Score! But her team practices four day per week, and I can't support this habit alone. Thank you.

My Roots Are Showing!

Please help me continue to hide my true age.

Some people may get their hair done as a way to pamper themselves, but I am not one of those lucky ones. I am forced to endure a lengthy coloring process every six to eight weeks to simply shield my true age from prying friends and coworkers. The only salon I trust just happens to be the most expensive, which makes this a real problem. Please help me continue to hide my true age. This means so much to me and to my family.

My Child Will Only Eat the Expensive Peanut Butter!

I've heard about this happening to other families, but always shook my head and said, "Not in MY home." That was before my son turned into a picky toddler and decided that my lovingly cooked meals were the most horrible thing ever. I have finally found the perfect food he can eat at every meal, but it's the most expensive peanut butter known to man. I think it's imported from Peru or something. Anyway, thank you in advance for your help. We just want our little angel to be happy.

Whole Foods Just Opened in My Neighborhood!

I always said this would never happen in a neighborhood like ours. I mean seriously, we only have three Starbucks coffee shops in our zip code. So when I heard that Whole Foods is moving in, I started to fear for my grocery budget. Who can continue to shop at the regular market when Whole Foods moves in? I can't take the risk that the moms from the PTA or yoga class might see me slum-shopping. Help me, help my kids. Thank you.

I Need New Yoga Pants!

Well, in my house we just call them "pants" but I suppose they are intended for that yoga thing. I put them on that first day I brought the baby home from the hospital and haven't spent a day without them yet. While I do wash them occasionally, they are at that dangerous level of threadbare where another washing might turn them to lint. Any small amount you can donate will alleviate some of the shame my family feels (especially the teenager) when I bend over in the long checkout line at Target. Thank you.

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Mommy Needs a Vacation!

I feel there is really no explanation needed for this urgent request. I've locked myself in the bathroom, turned my iPad over to the hooligans who claim to be my children and I'm reaching out to you. Have you ever been knee-deep in LEGOs and covered in spit-up and strained peas? Living a zombie-like existence due to late nights, early mornings and a severe lack of coffee that's strong enough? Then please help me. Any amount is appreciated, even if my vacation has to take place at the nail salon down the street. My family thanks you.

Think any of these GoFundMe campaigns have potential? Who knows—you might be the next recipient of a mom's dream come true.

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