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New Slang Terms Our Kids Are Using

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Just when we have learned to do the Whip and have the use of YOLO down pat, the game has changed. And what once gave us a tinge of Internet cool cred now makes us score high on the wince factor. And we're getting salty looks. These days, new slang terms come up more frequently than iPhone notifications. And if you want to keep up with the cool kids and their totally sensible way of communicating, memorize these new "in" terms.

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Extra?! Sounds like it's a good thing, right? No it's not. So not. Because when you are being extra, you are being too much, over the top. You are trying too hard and being annoying, kinda like the relentless name-dropper mom at the playground or that one Facebook friend who posted 14 after-pics of her son's wisdom teeth extraction or the instructions for that ridiculous Lego Millenium Falcon that someone bought your son for his birthday. What? You say to yourself, as the tiger mom in you lectures that one can never try too hard! You must always try your best! Nope. ZZzzip it, ma. You're embarrassing me.

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What was once on fleek is now snatched. This is the new way to describe something that is on point, something that is killin' it. So, just as my brows and makeup were very rarely on fleek in 2014, they are just as rarely snatched in 2015. But my 2-year-old's ability to shit herself five minutes after we've said goodnight is definitely snatched!

Gif via Reddit


Sus, as in short for "suspect" is a word to describe someone or something that is shady, sketchy or false. It can be used when someone is acting lame or in question. From a snitch to something more scandalous. So like when your husband mysteriously slinks and disappears into the bathroom with his phone for more than 45 minutes because "he has a stomach virus" and you hear him shout "That's what I'm talkin' about!" that's totally sus. Because you know he ain't cheering for the deuce he just dropped.

Image via Tumblr


Acronym for "As F***". I'm tired, AF. The baby is poopy AF. She's crying loud AF. Those Lalaloopsy dolls are creepy AF. Got it?

Gif via Tumblr


Hunty is the new bestie. RuPaul is known to throw around this term, which combines the word "honey" and another highly offensive word. It's used to refer to a close girlfriend in an endearing way, e.g. "Aren't you lookin' fine, hunty?" "Did you bring the wine, hunty?" "Oh hunty, that's not enough wine!" "How long have you known me, hunty?"

Gif via Tumblr


Sorry, bro. It's now, sis. As in "Can you throw me a beer, sis?" Or hey sis, how's it going? This is supposedly happening in the YouTube world, well at least it's happening on Superfruit's channel. What! You haven't heard this term used, yet? Neither have I, sis.

Gif via Tumblr


This is a hugely popular Internet word that I frequently see posted on my son's friends' Instagram feeds. It's a term to be used when you endorse two people being in a relationship. So if you think two people would be good together, you ship them. For example, I totally ship Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. They would be perfs together. But, I do not ship Ben Affleck and his nanny. No, no shipping there.

Gif via Tumblr


Nope, you are not throwing anything back to anything here. It stands for "to be honest," and it is used in abundance in the texting and Internet world. e.g. "TBH, I don't care about how early your son walked" or "TBH, I'd rather punch myself in the face than go out to a restaurant with children tonight." On Insta, posting a pic of the letters TBH means it's time to get real with that person, and tell them how you really feel, good or bad in the comments. TBH, moms will never do that, because we don't want to know how you really feel, honey. We tired, sis.

Gif via rebloggy.com


OTP stands for One True Pairing: a couple that you love and admire, that you know way too much about, that gives you relationship goals. For kids, it may be Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid or Jay-Z and Beyoncé. For me, it's Camembert and champagne. And I would die if they ever broke up.

Gif via perezhiltontumblr.com


Because the Internet can't just be "basic" (see slang from first quarter 2014) and use "fan," it now uses "stan." When you are a fan of something or somebody, you stan them. While my teenage niece may stan Ariana Grande, I'm def still stanning Aaliyah and Brandy.

Gif via perezhiltontumblr.com

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This is a way to tell someone to leave you alone, to go, to get outta your face. It's a little bit like back in our day, we used to dis somebody. When you reject somebody, they just got curved. This term works for me, and probably most moms. Because sometimes, at the end of the day, when you're exhausted and in need of some peaceful personal space, and your toddler is begging for one more freaking story, she's getting curved. Your teenage son is STILL hungry after three bowls of cereal? Curved. And some nights, after the dragon children have gone to sleep, and after you've had a few glasses of wine and just want to play Plants vs. Zombies on your phone all alone, sorry hubs you're getting curved.

Gif via Tumblr

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