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5 Things Kids Make Easier

There's no question that having kids makes life a little more difficult.

A leisurely dinner out? Not likely.

Sleeping in probably isn't happening much either (occasionally, my husband and I reminisce about all those Saturdays and Sundays where we used to sleep in until11 a.m. That hasn't happened in the last five years).

And there's no such thing as packing light when you have children (or if there is, I certainly have failed to learn the art of it).

But every once in a while, having a child or two makes things a little easier:

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1. Making new friends

As an introvert, making friends isn't easy, especially when we move somewhere new. But with a child in tow, you have total license to go to story time at the library, stand next to a possible friend while you push your kids on the swing or join the PTA.

2. Ditching something you don't want to go to

You can always claim naptime or bedtime or a baby who just is fussy when you want to skip a family party, leave an event early or just want to pass on an outing altogether.

3. Getting good service

It might help that my children are darling (at least in my humble opinion), but I've noticed that when we go out in public, people are way more likely to be friendly, upgrade us to a hotel suite or bring an extra plate of something delicious when we go out to eat. Sometimes it feels like being a celebrity handler.

4. Justifying snacks

I am something of a cheapskate by nature, but now on vacation, we are way more likely to buy snacks to feed me. I mean, the kids.

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5. Family Boarding on airplanes

Need I say more? (Although, then you do have to sit on the plane for even longer ... so there's that).

What has having a child made easier for you?

Image via Janssen Bradshaw

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