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6 Incredibly Ridiculous Teen Trends

We can learn a lot from our teenagers. For example, who else would teach us how to use Snapchat, or tell us what "on fleek" means or that we shouldn't wear stirrup pants anymore?

When it comes to trends, all we have to do is look to every 17-year-old's Instagram for what we should be wearing, saying or eating (macaron ice cream sandwiches are totally on fleek, btw.) But there are times when we absolutely should not listen to a word they say. Let us not forget the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, when they had everyone believing that suctioning a cup onto your face was a good idea.

Here are a few other equally ridiculous—and sometimes dangerous—teen trends we're hoping will go away soon

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1. The Thighbrow

Photograph by: Instagram

You know that crease that forms at the top of your thigh when you sit down? Well, seems that it now has a name and kids are posting these anatomical miracles all over Instagram. See? Doesn't it look like an eyebrow? It doesn't to me either, but then again I've still got a pair of stirrup pants in my closet.

2. The Bagfie

Photograph by: Twitter

No, this isn't the name of a new breed of small, purse-sized dog. This trend, that started in Taiwan, encourages participants (mostly young girls not wearing pants) to snap a selfie while wearing a plastic bag from their favorite store. Those bags are banned here in California, so every time I see one of these photos I just weep at the thought of a perfectly good cat box litter vessel going to waste.

3. DIY Braces

Somehow, someone got the bright idea that straightening your own teeth using a $1.95 bag of rubber bands was a good idea. This video was made three years ago but the trend has been gaining popularity in recent months and has orthodontists issuing warnings that it could be seriously harmful to your teeth. While the $5,998.05 savings is tempting, it's safe to say that it's probably better to take advice from a licensed professional than a teenager making a video in her bedroom.

4. Danger Selfie

Photograph by: Instagram

Teens are taking selfies while hanging out of cars, on the edges of cliffs and with handguns to their heads all in the name of Instagram likes. Obviously some of these have tragic outcomes; a 19-year-old in Houston died from a self-inflicted gunshot last month while taking his "danger selfie." Teens, please stick to photographing your macaron ice cream sandwiches.

5. The Belly Button Challenge

Photograph by: Instagram

In case you thought the Thigh Gap Challenge was demoralizing to teens' self esteem, check out the latest thing these crazy kids are doing! This asks participants (thin girls, obvi) to wrap their arm back around their waist until they touch their belly button—just to prove how skinny they are. Can we make the person who invented this trend post a selfie just to prove that they're not a troll living in the 18th century?

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6. Game of 72

Photograph by: Twenty20

Back in my day, they used to call it Running Away From Home, but teens have given it a new name and taken it to the Internet. In this challenge, kids run away from home and hide out from friends and family for 72 hours, just to give their parents a heart attack and guarantee they'll never get allowance ever again. Kids, best to stay away from this one since police are often called in to help search for you, and it's far more serious than say, snapping a photo of your leg creases.

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