The Kids

DIY Face Paint: Zombie

by Amy Lee

Does your tot want to be a zombie for Halloween? Here's how you can transform him and bring him back from the dead.



1. Cover the face, lips and eyes with white paint using a damp sponge.

2. Create sunken eyes by painting on the grey around the eyes and lids with the brush.

3. Cover the face with green paint using a damp sponge.

4. Contour the face by painting the black along the cheekbones, chin, sides of the nose, temples and forehead with a damp sponge.

5. Gently stamp on the yellow paint with a damp sponge on the eyelids.

6. Using a small paintbrush, extend a line on both sides of the mouth and draw thin vertical lines along the lips. Draw on eyebrows.

7. Apply white paint above the drawn brows and between the black lines on lips.


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