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Woman's Reaction to Bullies Is Inspiration for Us All

Dianne Hoffmeyer visited a Michigan Tim Hortons store to grab a coffee for herself and a treat for her 22-month-old daughter. Two women behind her in line began snickering and making loud comments about her looks.

During an interview with ABC13 in Michigan, Hoffmeyer said she remembers the taunting of the women clearly, "Oh, look at her hair. It's nasty-looking and the roots are coming through. Oh, she's a whale. Oh, the whale needs to eat."

She placed her order while the women continued their criticism, well within earshot. Hoffmeyer struggled to keep her composure as she was rung up at the register.

Hoffmeyer decided go above and beyond simply taking the higher ground in regards to the women, who were unknown to her. She leaned in to the cashier and said, "I'll pay for their coffee." Dianne Hoffmeyer wanted to "pay it forward," despite being abused by strangers.

She paid for the women's drinks, walked out of the store and sat in her car, bursting into tears. Hoffmeyer had worked hard on her health, shedding 177 pounds in two years, and she had no idea why these women would make the effort to lambast her.

When she reached home, she posted about the incident on Facebook; it struck a chord with so many people that it went viral.

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