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Will My Kids Buy 'Frozen' Anything?!

It's no surprise that my kids are huge fans of the movie "Frozen." Their obsession started later than most since we didn't see it until it was out on DVD. However, once they watched it, it was all over.

The obsession started slow But, soon, my daughter started telling me that everything is better if it has "Frozen" on it. A toy here, a shirt there. You know, the typical merchandise that accompanies every children's movie known to man. Usually the requests fade over time as the kids move on to a new movie or TV show—but not this time. Many, many months later and both my kids still continue to find new stuff they want branded with a variety of "Frozen" licensed characters.

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Just toys and clothes weren't enough. They claimed they needed an Elsa lunchbox, costumes, jewelry, vitamins, books, and more. When I took my daughter back-to-school shopping for shoes, I thought she was going to have a meltdown because they didn't have anymore light-up Elsa shoes in her size. For the first time in forever, she was not ecstatic about all the other princess shoe options.

They couldn't believe it when we found grapes with Anna and Elsa on the container. Grapes! Of course, we had to get those.

Even at the grocery store, the "Frozen" madness continues. I think it's important to include my children in food shopping. It gives them a chance to be involved in meal planning as well as learning how to make a list, budget, etc. Because of our list and budget, my daughter gets annoyed when I refuse to buy yogurt with "Frozen" packaging.

Recently, she requested I buy "Frozen" string cheese even though she refuses to eat it. We don't buy regular chicken noodle soup. Nope, that's too boring. Instead we buy princess soup—which sometimes has Anna and Elsa on the label—even though the noodle shapes are indistinguishable. We had to get the cereal, but they refused to admit they didn't actually like eating it.

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Usually I don't give in to their demands to buy something simply because the package has "Frozen" characters on it. Sometimes I do it as a treat. They couldn't believe it when we found grapes with Anna and Elsa on the container. Grapes! Of course, we had to get those. I figured I was planning on buying a variety of fruit anyway and I'd rather purchase character-branded produce for the kids than any other pre-packaged foods.

I guess I can't really blame them for wanting "Frozen" everything. I mean, I still get giddy over random "Star Wars" items. Clearly they've noticed I'll splurge on that once in a while. What I want to know is when will we see Olaf on some broccoli? Maybe then my kids would be more willing to eat it.

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