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If Raising a Teen Looked Like a Bingo Card, This Would Be It

Raising teenagers isn't always easy, but it helps to know you're not in it alone. Right at this moment, there are other parents going through the exact same thing you are. Yes, just as you're gagging because you found that petrified burrito underneath your kid's bed, someone else is making an equally horrible discovery in their home, too.

There are so many things that are universal when you have a teenager in the house, I thought I'd make a game out of it. So come on and play along! Just print out this bingo card, pour yourself a glass of wine and get comfortable on the couch (be careful not to sit on that Xbox controller.) Mark off each thing you see or as it happens, and make sure to yell "BINGO" in a really loud, embarrassing voice in front of your kid's friends as soon as you get five in a row.

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Photograph by: Marsha Takeda-Morrison

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