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8 Reasons I'm a Ben Carson Fan

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Is Tuesday, November 8, 2016 on your calendar yet?

If not, it should be. That Tuesday will be a monumental day in our country's history as we elect the President of the United States. I get that it's a year off and the persistent political banter can become draining, but truly, it is a privilege we have as US citizens to elect our leader. More so, it is a privilege we as mothers should not let slide.

Not only is political activism crucial for the future wellness of our children, it is a great way for us mamas to stretch our mental borders from nap time struggles at home to foreign affairs across an ocean. So often I find myself stuck in the here and now of my role as a mom. Pausing to assess the political climate, research a candidate and weigh in on a healthy debate expands my worldview and keeps mom life in check. Although I'm shaping future leaders on the daily, being a part of what is going on in my country today and in the year to come has its benefits too.

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Most recently, Dr. Ben Carson has caught my eye. This GOP candidate has conviction, education and a growing troop of supporters. I won't cast my ballot for him yet, but as of today, I've got eight good reasons I'm slowly but surely becoming a Carson fan.

1. Carson is in touch with the people.

Are you following him on Facebook yet? If not, you must! Every few evenings he publicly answers emails he receives from his constituents (us!) They're frank and firm and I've appreciated getting an inside look into his perspective on a variety of issues.

2. Carson is a gracious leader.

Watch a conversation between Donald Trump and Carson and it's apparent who is gracious and who is not. This leads me to feel that one would far outweigh the other in handling presidential affairs.

3. Carson is against debt.

You might call him old-fashioned, I call him smart. Getting out of debt healed my family personally and has allowed us more freedom that I ever imagined as a mom of three. I can only imagine how much healing could occur if our country's leader stood firm in his stance against debt.

He doesn't need to be everyone's friend and because of this, he is able to be able to stay true to who he is.

4. Carson doesn't need to be everyone's friend.

Looking at our presidential history, there are definitely some celebrity figures. They aim to be a favorite among the masses and it seems that Carson is bending a different way. He doesn't need to be everyone's friend and because of this, he is able to be able to stay true to who he is. "I want people to see me as an honest person, a person who is actually willing to express what they believe," Carson said. "The way I look at it, if people don't like that, I'd rather not be in office. I don't want to be in office under false pretenses, just saying things people want to hear so I can get elected."

5. Carson calls out the media.

If I've learned anything as a mom, it's that you can't believe much that you read or hear these days. The media spins topics like no other and although the media propels election information, it seems Carson isn't afraid to call them out when they report things wrong.

6. Carson has beat the odds.

Have you read up on who Ben Carson was before he joined the presidential campaign? His memoir, chronicled in "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story," shares about his upbringing in inner-city Detroit and his journey as an acclaimed neurosurgeon. He has beat the odds many times before and it wouldn't surprise me if he does it again.

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7. Carson is pro-child.

To stay abreast on what candidates are saying, I've signed up for a number of their emails. Some constantly ask for money, others are in non-stop defense mode. Carson's emails aim to further his mission. Most recently he wrote, "I dedicated my life to helping children, and because I retired from medicine doesn't mean that mission is over. I'm running for President so our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to think big, pursue happiness, and reach their full, God-given potential."

8. Carson has a fresh perspective.

After eight years of promises with a variety of outcomes, a fresh face in Washington would do us all a world of good. Carson has strong convictions and plans for realistic implementation on many issues and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him in the months to come.

Are you a politically inclined mom? How are you getting involved in the upcoming election?

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