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To All the Single Moms on Mother’s Day

Photograph by unsplash.com/Alvaro Reyes

If you’re a single mom of little ones this Mother’s Day, you probably already know it’s going to be just like any other day. You’ll be the one in charge of breakfast, of wiping butts, of handling the details and managing the day. There will be no meals in bed, no jewelry (unless it’s of the macaroni made-in-preschool variety), and your kids may not even realize it’s a special day at all.

Without someone to tell them, how could they possibly know?

While your friends are bragging online about sleeping in and gift certificates for massages their kids gleefully presented them with, you’ll be on your third cup of coffee, trying to figure out if it’s worth braving the zoo with yours.

Just go. Make the memory. Take the pictures. Enjoy the day.

Because the thing is, it’s not like you’re complaining about any of this. You’re a mom. You love your kids. Simply knowing this is your day is enough. Just having them near you is all you could think to ask.

You wouldn’t trade them for the world. Or all the pampering your friends are getting.

You just know something your friends don’t. That Mother’s Day without a partner is really just like any other day. That having another adult in the house is kind of key to making it something special.

But it won’t always be like this. Eventually, your kids will get older. They’ll hear from friends about the grand displays they’re putting on for their moms. They’ll get ideas.

When that happens, their overtures will be something truly special. Because they’ll be at an age where they realize how much you do for them, and where they’ll want to express their gratitude for those efforts. Your friend’s kids will have an adult guiding their reverence. Yours will be orchestrating that love all on their own.

It may take a while, but those Mother’s Days will come.

There will be letters that will make you cry. Heartfelt gifts that will melt you. And moments you wouldn’t give up for a million massage gift certificates.

It may take a while, but those Mother’s Days will come.

And they should come. Because you, single mama, do it all. You handle every middle-of-the-night waking, kiss every skinned knee, weather every tantrum and make every meal. You do the work of two parents, probably while also still maintaining a paying job of your own. You’re tired, and overwhelmed, and in love with your kids, and doing it all as best you know how.

In the meantime, don’t let this day pass you by like any other day might. Take it upon yourself to plan something special, knowing your kids would if they were old enough to understand why they should.

Maybe get a room at a local hotel, so you can play together in the pool and ring up room service for your breakfast in bed.

Or check out the local teashops to see which are throwing Mother’s Day tea parties.

Pack a picnic and spend the day outdoors with your kids.

Or head to the movies and splurge on the extra large popcorn.

Just do something. Even though you have to plan it. Even though you have to pay for it. Even though your kids still may be none the wiser that it’s anything but a normal day.

Do it for you. Because you deserve the memories and the deviation from what’s normal.

If only for just this one day.

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