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17 Temper Tantrums Your Kids Will Have While Traveling

Photograph by Twenty20

It was 30 degrees outside and we were about to leave the Natural History Museum in New York, but my kid wouldn't put on his coat to go outside. "Put on your coat," I said for what seemed like the 18th time, "Or I'm taking you home."

He looked at me incredulously and said, "You can't take me home. We don't live here." He was right. We didn't live there. We were on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday week in New York and unless I wanted to get on a plane, I was in no position to take my kid home. At home, I'd feel more comfortable standing my ground until my son did what I'd requested. But on vacation, all bets were off. Sometimes, it's just too hard to deal.

Throughout the rest of our week in New York, I couldn't help but notice one exhausted traveler after another dealing with his or her kid's travel meltdowns. I felt for each and every one of those beleaguered parents because, chances are, I have dealt with the same bad moods from my kids. Because even though our kids are having a blast on vacation, they are still out of their elements, off schedule and on the go, which can make for some pretty cranky kids.

So if you're planning on traveling this holiday season, you're in for a lot of family fun. But you're also in for some of your kids to turn into vacationing Crankensteins. You may need an extra sip of eggnog to get through that museum meltdown or bad weather blues. But rest assured, you're not alone. Every traveling parent is in for these kid meltdowns while traveling this holiday season. Ho, ho, oh-no!

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1. The Museum Meltdown

You may never see those historic dinosaur bones, but you will see your kid lose his mind.

You'll have spent an arm and a leg for tickets and you'll wait in line for an hour to get in. But as soon as you do get in, your kid will decide her or she is bored and begs to leave. You may never see those historic dinosaur bones, but you will see your kid lose his mind. And so will everyone else in the museum. Fun!

2. The Now I Have to Pee Whine

Kids don't have to pee when they are, say, near a bathroom. They also don't have to pee when mom tells them they should try to go. They do have to use the bathroom "really, really badly" when you've waited in an hour-long line, when you're on a snowy mountain road driving to Grandma's or when you're about to miss your flight. It's exasperating!

3. The Hangry Meltdown

Kids turn into demons when they're hungry, but they never seem to be hungry at mealtime. My kids think I'm a human diner and that I somehow always have a meal for them on the ready. When we're at the top of the Statue of Liberty or going up the gondola for skiing, suddenly they're ravenous. And hangry!

4. I'm Not Wearing That Sweater Grandma Made

Kids sometimes have to fulfill a clothing requirement over the holidays like wearing a tie to Christmas dinner or putting on that hot, itchy sweater Grandma spent a year making. Your kids will act like they are being tortured because they have to wear that sweater and their behavior will feel like torture to you.

5. No More Pictures!

Actually, on vacation I get tired of pictures, too. But the kids will make it nearly impossible to get one good family photo on holidays. Boo!

6. I Want to Sit Next to Mommy

We can't get through a meal on vacation without the kids having a brawl over who gets to sit next to me. It's exhausting and happens every single meal.

7. The iPad Isn't Working!

There is no angrier human being than a child on an airplane whose iPad isn't fully charged.

Stand back and take cover because there is no angrier human being than a child on an airplane whose iPad isn't fully charged.

8. She Got More Presents Than I Did

Kids want everything to be equal, even if they don't want the gift the other one got. But somehow those well-meaning aunts and uncles will still give one kid something more than the other. This will cause a meltdown of colossal proportion that will never seem to end. Never!

9. Are We There Yet?

Even if your flight just took off, your children will get antsy and freak out, wondering when they will arrive. You will too, just so you can stop hearing them whine, "When are we going to get there?"

10. I'm Not Eating That

Traveling kids think moms are magicians who can magically make any kind of food appear anytime. So when they have to eat something new, they just fall apart.

11. We're All Sharing A Hotel Room?!

It's rare that traveling families have enough space in hotel rooms or at a relative's house. Sharing close quarters can make tired kids and parents combust. Thank God for the minibar!

12. The Car Trip Tantrum

Despite playing I Spy, taking a car nap and stopping to fuel up on junk food, kids get cabin fever in cars and become the most annoying people on Earth. I'm not sure why. All they have to do is sit there. Mom and Dad are doing all the driving!

13. The Snow Day Meltdown

Just pray there's an open movie theater on the bad weather day on your vacation. Otherwise, you'll be in a hotel room or relative's house with bored kids who will get on each other's nerves, fast!

14. The Souvenir Shop Showdown

Before entering any tourist attraction you will warn your children they will not be buying a souvenir in the gift shop. Before leaving any tourist attraction, your children will freak out that they can't buy something. It never fails.

15. But We Don't Want Grandma to Babysit Us!

A bonus to visiting to relatives over the holidays is a slew of willing (and free!) babysitters. But just because you and the hubs have earned a well-deserved date night doesn't mean your kids will be happy about it. Ignore the tears and enjoy your night out. You probably need it after traveling with the kids.

16. I Lost My Lovey!

Parents will do anything to find a lost lovey while on vacation just to avoid their child's crocodile tears for the duration of the vacation.

17. I Am Not Doing Homework on Vacation!

It's nice to know that the meltdown your kid has over homework at home can be transferred to vacation. Turns out, kids don't have to be at home to hate homework.

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But even though your kids will freak out for a good portion of your holiday vacation, there's nothing better than being together with loved ones—even if some of those loved ones are furious you won't let them buy a museum toy. Happy holidays!

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