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13 Passive-Aggressive Things People Have Said About My Parenting

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Except for that lady who cut in front of me while I was in line at Ulta pulling my 2-year-old off the floor, I believe that most of the people I encounter are kind and supportive and want to help me be the best parent I can be. That noted, sometimes people's kindness can be just a little too incisive.

Here are some backhanded compliments people have given me about my kids and parenting. They were probably meant in the nicest way possible but might have been a little too on the nose.

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1. "I love how your children have opinions about everything and always feel free to express them."

2. "You are just so free and open with your kids about vaginas and poop and everything, it's almost scary." This comment was followed by nervous laughter.

3. "You handled that meltdown like someone with a lot of experience with difficult children."

4. "Your kids just dress however they like, no matter how it looks. I could never be that brave."

5. About my son: "He has a forceful personality."

6. About my daughter: "She just lives in her own world, doesn't she? Does she ever come out?"

7. "It's great how relaxed you are in this mess. All these toys would stress me out."

8. "Thanks for not picking up before I came. It makes me feel like we are family." Note: I did pick up before she came.

9. A friend offering advice on why my kids don't eat: "Maybe they just hate your cooking?"

10. A neighbor once let me cut in front of her in line at the grocery store saying, "Oh you go ahead, I know what your life is like at home with your children."

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11. I once joked to a friend that I had given up with most of the tasks of parenting. She nodded. "Yes, you have."

12. A babysitter who once watched my son for four hours: "He is just going to do things his own way, even if that way is crazy or leads to certain destruction."

13. "I just love how you don't feel encumbered by parenting advice!" It was said with so much gusto, I forgave her immediately.

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