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This 4-Year-Old Weightlifting Princess Is Our New Hero

Photograph by Kristin Wilson

Audrey Wilson isn’t what you would call your average 4-year-old. Barely in preschool, Audrey is already hitting the gym, honing her deadlift technique and learning how to build up biceps. Oh, and in her spare time, she repairs the engine on her princess carriage, of course. That’s what we call girl power!

Audrey’s prowess might be attributed to her equally strong and inspiring mom, Kristin, 33, who is a group fitness coach and owner of Tenacity Fitness in North Branch, Michigan. A weightlifting enthusiast, Kristin realized during her second pregnancy that combining working out with two young children could present a challenge. So, she decided to open her own gym so that she could have the best of both worlds.

Kristin opened her gym shortly after welcoming her second daughter, Charlotte, now 1, into the world as a way to combine the two things she loved most: being a mom and exercise. “After I had Charlotte, it didn’t make sense to drive 25 minutes multiple times a day to train at two separate gyms,” she tells Mom.me. “If I wanted to be able to keep doing what I loved it made sense to find a spot and do it close to home.”

As you can imagine, the mom of two describes the process of starting her own business while having her second baby as “crazy,” but maintains that it was all worth it. “We knew we’d look back and wonder what the heck we were thinking,” she admits. “But it was a now or never mind set. So, we did it. I’m fortunate [my husband] Jake has been so supportive and my biggest cheerleader every step of the way.”

Photograph by Kristin Wilson

Kristin adds that she first started working out more seriously when she was in her early 20s. After spending most of her time running as a form of exercise, she turned to weightlifting and quickly realized that changing up her approach from straight-up cardio was the answer she was looking for.

There are endless life lessons they can get from the gym. They can watch me struggle and fail, but get back up and try it again.

“I was lucky enough to find a gym with trainers that showed me weightlifting wasn’t a male-only sport,” she explains. Kristin was able to continue working out through both of her pregnancies and now brings her girls along with her to work at the gym. It’s clear that her commitment to showing her daughters an example of how to chase their dreams and live their passion is definitely working.

“There are endless life lessons they can get from the gym,” says Kristin. “They can watch me struggle and fail, but get back up and try it again. They can see men and women focus on becoming stronger, mentally and physically. They’ll grow up in an environment where people push each other to grow, where people encourage each other. They’ll learn to focus on what their bodies can do, which is huge in a world that focuses too much on pushing girls to focus on how they look. “

And with big sister Audrey and her #fitmom as her inspiration, it only makes sense that baby Charlotte should want to get in on the action, too.

Photograph by Kristin Wilson

We think it’s fair to say that these girls are going to grow up to do some pretty amazing things!

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