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Let's Stop Apologizing for Our Mom Voices

Photograph by Twenty20

Watch any Instagram story, social media video or home video and you will hear moms across the country unified in one thing: apologizing for the use of their mom voice.

"Ignore my mom voice!" one influencer said in a recent Instagram story I watched. "Sorry for the mom voice!" another apologized. And I have done it—cringed when I heard the high-pitched, excited voice that came out any time I captured my children doing something adorable and especially during the baby stages.

"Ugh, what's up with my voice?" I might say to my husband, who apparently, does not have a "father voice."

We're all guilty of both using and apologizing for our mom voices. But, honestly, my fellow moms of the world, why are we apologizing?

I mean, think about it for a second: If anything, our fellow mothers are the only people in the world who we don't need to apologize to because they are the only people who actually get it. They get it because they are fully accustomed to using the mom voice and knowing it's just a normal part of our lives as mothers. Your fellow mom has probably used her mom voice at least a dozen times today, so do you think they are even going to notice that your voice in your Instagram story is a little more high-pitched than usual? The truth is, we all use the mom voice, and science has even proven that the mom voice is actually beneficial in helping babies learn language, so it really is a common thread that unites us all in motherhood.

Science has even proven that the mom voice is actually beneficial in helping babies learn language.

I realize that I am probably putting way too much thought into this, so forgive me. I have somewhat of a theory that the only reason that any of us even feel the need to apologize for our mom voice in the first place is that on some level, we have absorbed the thought somewhere along the line that motherhood isn't a serious enough task for the real world.

Somewhere along the line, society's views of motherhood as just a silly little thing that women take care of at home while the important people of the world go out and make money, infiltrated even the innermost spheres of our lives and how we talk to our children.

As mothers, we feel the need to apologize for how we look (sorry about my perpetual messy bun!), how our children look, how our houses look, what we drive (minivans aren't cool?!), how our kids' lunches look, what snacks we feed our kids, how much we work, how much we don't work and even how much we sleep or don't sleep.

There's so much that we apologize for as mothers that we simply don't need to apologize for. But how we talk to our children? That's something we need to stop apologizing for.

So, to all the moms out there using their mom voices today, tomorrow, next month and into next year, shout your mom voice loud and proud because it's nothing to apologize for. In fact, our kids are lucky to be able to hear it and we're lucky to be able to use it. Mom voices rock and don't you forget it.

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