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Dear Daughter, Your Spirit Gives Me Life — and A Headache

Photograph by Unsplash

My darling daughter,

The day you were born, an indescribable force entered this world. The amount of emotion that flooded over me when I heard “It’s a girl” is a feeling I will never forget. I told myself I didn’t care if I had a boy or a girl — but, sister, I cared. I wanted a girl. I needed a girl.

Since that day, we have been off and running, and it became apparent very early on that you were going to give me a run for my money. Your immense vocabulary, your astounding personality, your challenging behavior: You are larger than life and I often find myself watching you and feeling like I’m getting a little glimpse into the future.

Your future. The world’s future.

I envision you holding your own in a room full of suited executives, demanding their respect with your words and your presence. They will look at you in awe as they are faced with your brilliance and insight.

Right now, you spend most of your waking moments yelling commands at Daddy and me, screaming, "Mommy! Come watch dis!" and "Daddy! Put dis away!" When your Sunday school teacher asks Henry to please come and sit down, you support her by emphatically yelling, "Henry! SIT DOWN!" Some may label you as "bossy" but I know you are destined for leadership.

I see you climbing mountains and crushing school track records. I dream of you loving to move your body in dance and yoga. You could become a star goalkeeper or a professional wrestler. I know this because currently you climb up our bookshelves, jump off our tables and challenge your older brother in your nightly (far too physical) roughhousing.

At times, it seems no one can keep up with you, but your fearlessness and energy will allow you to excel at whatever you choose.

You are my biggest challenge and my greatest reward.

You will make the most fiercely loving mama to your babies, caring for them with a protective and watchful attention that cannot be rivaled. You will somehow find the balance of discipline and play and do everything in your control to mold them into the most amazing humans ever to breathe on this earth. This is evident, even now, as I watch you keep your babies within arm’s reach at all times, insisting to everyone in our house to “Shhhh! Be quiet! Baby is sleeping!” You read to them, give them timeouts — even the occasional spanking — and always hug and kiss them.

You love fiercely, my sweet girl. Whomever gets the privilege of being loved by you is the luckiest in this world.

I can just imagine you on stage performing for thousands. Your determination and head-strong tendencies will have served you well, as the pay-off of years of practice has molded you into the best at your craft. Theater? Dance? Song? Your exact talents are yet to be completely determined, but your possibilities are endless.

Today, you stood on our counter and demanded that everyone stop what they were doing to watch you sing/shout what can only be described as a compilation of "Happy Birthday," "Twinkle Little Star" and "Baby Beluga." You are happiest when all eyes are on you and you refuse to take no for an answer.

You are no wallflower, my darling. You do not observe, you participate. You do not follow directions, you make the rules. You invigorate me and exhaust me all day, every day.

You are my biggest challenge and my greatest reward.

The day you were born, my world changed, and now I get to watch you change the world.


Your Tired Mama

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