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10 Signs You're an Introverted Mom

Photograph by Twenty20

Many people believe that introverts are shy and reserved while extroverts are boisterous and loud, but that is simply false. These classifications have way more to do with how you gather the mental and emotional energy needed to complete your daily tasks.

The key question to tell whether you're an extrovert or an introvert is "Where do you derive your energy?"

Extroverts get their energy mainly by being around other people. When they feel burnt out or emotionally drained, they are the ones planning a girls' night out or asking a few friends over for a movie. Introverts, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. When they are exhausted or stretched too thin, what they really need is some time alone because they draw their energy from within themselves.

Neither orientation is better than the the other, but they do each present their own unique challenges if you are a mom. As an introverted parent, I get just how hard long days with kids can be.

Just under half of the population identify as introverted. Think you are part of that group? Keep an eye out for these 10 signs of an introverted mom.

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1. You have a one playdate per week limit.

And even that is totally stressing you out.

2. You've found yourself crying, "I just need to be alone," every.single.day.

When the going gets tough, you turn to your favorite babysitter, Netflix, and spend a few minutes in your bed, hiding under the covers.

3. You struggle to stay tuned-in to your toddler's chit-chat.

If we are going to participate in conversation, we prefer deep, meaningful conversation.

Introverts aren't great with small talk. If we are going to participate in conversation, we prefer deep, meaningful conversation. So, introverted moms probably find their toddler's constant chatter to be especially draining. What's that, sweetheart? Oh, you're retelling the entire plot of the second episode of "Sophia the First." *tunes out*

4. You ignore or avoid phone calls.

You would think that when you are spending all day at home with little people, you would jump at the chance to have an adult conversation. If you find yourself avoiding answering the phone or even putting off responding to texts when you don't have the energy, you just might be an introverted mom.

5. When you make plans with friends, you find yourself looking for a reason to cancel at the last minute.

Let's face it, if you have childcare, some time alone with your favorite book sounds pretty great.

6. If you do go out, you prefer to spend a night out with one or two friends at a time.

Introverts love to listen, and we love to engage in meaningful conversations. If you are introverted, you probably find that your favorite social situations are small and intimate.

7. You feel like your brain never stops.

Introverts have an incredibly active inner life. Add to that the endless responsibilities that come along with being a mom, and you might find yourself having trouble turning your brain off at the end of the day.

8. Your kids are always touching you or sitting too close, and that really wears you out.

Introverts tend to be pretty protective of their personal space. That doesn't mean that introverted moms don't love to be affectionate with our children, but it does mean we regularly need a break from all of the touching and closeness that comes with being a mom of small kids.

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9. Your entire day revolves around nap time.

Those two hours alone are sacred, and there is no appointment or play date important enough to take that from you.

10. You are fiercely loyal to your children.

OK, so this is probably true for all moms. But there is something special about introverts. We tend to have a very small circle of people that we keep very close and we are fiercely loyal to these people. For the introverted mom, this close-knit circle includes her children.

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