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Mom Confronts Mother of Son's Bully

After her son was bullied in the classroom, one mom got angry and wasn't going to take it anymore.

In a video shot on her smartphone that was posted on Live Leak, one unidentified mother takes her two children, including the one who was bullied, over to the home of the bully.

That's where she confronts the mother about the way the woman's son, Daniel, is treating her own son, Mason — and she captures the conversation on her phone.

"I just heard the way you talked to my son on the phone," the mom who's filming says to the alleged bully's mother, who is at first unaware that she's being filmed. "He was on speakerphone, and I ran over here."

"I have serious issues with your child," Mason's mom continues, adding that her son has said that he's told Daniel that he doesn't like being bullied.

"No, he didn't tell Daniel that he bullied him," Daniel's mother says, before Mason's mother tells her to stop raising her voice.

After some bickering between the two mothers, whose children are standing nearby, Mason's mother finally says, "Your child has bullied my son, pulled his pants down and stuck pencils in his butt."

Instead of refuting that point, Daniel's mom shoots back a retort, alleging what Mason has done to her son.

"Your son has told my son that his b--s smell like cheese," Daniel's moms says.

"The whole classroom saw it," Mason's mother continues, "and the whole classroom is going to file the report, and so are we, to the principal for you pulling his pants down in the classroom and told him he was too fat and to move his butt over."

"Are you recording this? Is that why your light's on?"

"I am recording this," she admits, before Daniel's mom appears to slap the phone out of her hand. "Now I'm going to press charges for you smacking my phone."

"Get off my property," Daniel's mom finally tells her.

Image via Live Leak/Daily Mail

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