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Why This Mom is Voting for Bernie Sanders

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I'm a white stay-at-home mom. I'm in my thirties. My husband works hard, outside our home, to provide for us. We consider ourselves to be people of faith. We live in the southeastern United States, officially the South. And we support a presidential candidate who speaks his mind, whether people like it or not.

Think I'm talking about Donald Trump? I'm not. We are full-on supporters of Bernie Sanders.

I have been following Bernie for a couple of years—I even liked his Facebook page before it was cool. So when he announced on April 30 last year that he was running for president, I was elated. Less than a month later, May 29, I was on his Facebook page reading one of his quotes, and I decided to comment:

"I totally read that in his voice," I wrote. Then: "Sanders 2016. Feel the Bern."

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I like Bernie Sanders for all the usual reasons a mother looking forward to her children's future would: he wants to tackle climate change (my kids need a viable planet to exist upon); he wants to avoid needless military action, proven by the fact that he voted against the Iraq war. As a mother, I certainly don't want to lose my sons in a war we have no business in.

Also, Bernie has a plan to make college affordable for all.

He's been a vocal advocate for a living wage, paid maternity and sick leave, and vacation days. We Americans forget, if we even know this in the first place, that most other industrialized and developed countries enjoy these civilized things that benefit families, kids and, you know, the moms!

Senator Sanders draws huge crowds and his campaign has received a record breaking number of individual donations. He isn't funded by any large corporate interests, he's funded by us—his supporters.

He's not a millionaire, I'm not a millionaire, most of you aren't millionaires either. While I support him, I know he supports me

I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself, only for a moment, after a town hall he held in my home town of Aiken, S.C. I was asked to volunteer and eagerly accepted. I handed out stickers and signed people in for hours. An enormous crowd showed up to hear Sanders speak. Afterward, he took the time to shake hands, take pictures and meet the people who support him.

People often ask me why I support Sanders over Clinton. My answer is that I feel like he's in a better position to understand what the average American family needs. He's not a millionaire, I'm not a millionaire, most of you aren't millionaires either. While I support him, I know he supports me—maybe not specifically, but me like all other Americans just getting by and wanting a better future. Support goes both ways for Sanders. He flies coach, rides trains, goes to the stores with us. He is one of us. He supports us.

Some say the senator's plans aren't doable. Some say they'll cost too much. But Sanders has released proposals on how he intends to pay for his plans. That's another thing: he has actual plans, not just ideas.

To those who claim he isn't electable, I say look to his past. He's won 14 elections and has served in government for more than 33 years. He has experience.

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Like many others, I'll be watching this election closely, probably with one child on my hip and the other telling me he's bored. (He's not into politics, he's 11, go figure.)

I plan on casting my vote for him in the South Carolina primary on February 27. I urge you all to go to Berniesanders.com and read up on the man yourself. You might end up feeling the Bern, too!

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