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The Best Etsy Shops for Hipster Kids

1. Retro Prints: Everything old is cool again. Inspire your kids with these retro video game and camera prints. Check out the Etsy shop: Shop Temps Modernes.

2. Graphic Duvets: When it comes to hipster style, anything graphic is in. This shop features loads of colorful and cheeky bedspreads for your kids' rooms. Check out the Etsy shop: Lush Tart Art Project.

3. BFF Friendship Bracelets: Rainbow Loom is so two years ago. Tribal-inspired woven friendship bracelets are back in style, especially when your kid and her BFF wear them. Check out the Etsy shop: Wrists Are 4 Bracelets.

4. Tepee Madness: Being a hipster means you need to get in touch with your tribal side. These 6-foot-tall custom tepees will do just that. Who is up for a game of hide-and-seek? Check out the Etsy shop: Marlowe and Jay.

5. It's All About the Clothes: From graphic kid T-shirts to adorable onesies for babies, this is a must-visit shop. There are even clothes for Mom and Dad. Matching family outfit, anyone? OK, that might be taking hipster style a bit too far! Check out the Etsy shop: Urban Earth Co.

6. Keeping Warm in Style: Beanies are a must for hipster kids (boys and girls). This knit headphone cap is sure to keep your kids rocking as they walk to school. Check out the Etsy shop: Tre Melarance.

7. All Poufed Out: Add some cozy homemade goodness to your kid's bedroom with this graphic star pouf. Sure, you can go with the monogrammed big-box store version, but where is the originality in that? Check out the Etsy shop: Looping Home.

8. Funk Up the Walls: A bit of funkiness in a bedroom goes a long way. These colored wooden masks will give you the effect you're looking for. Check out the Etsy shop: Urban Masquerade.

9. Hip Stuffed Animals: No matter how cool you are, it's nice to have a snuggly to sleep with. Here are some snugglies even your tweens wouldn't mind cuddling with. Check out the Etsy shop: Be The Original.

10. Get Decked Out: Not ready to redecorate your hipster kids' bedrooms completely? Add some accessories like tribal pattern storage baskets and throw pillows even Arctic Monkeys fans would approve of. Check out the shop: Love Joy Create.

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