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8 Thoughts Parents Have When Their Kid Won't Go the Eff to Sleep

Photograph by Twenty20

This past weekend I went through three of the hardest days I've ever had in eight years of parenting.

I don't know if your kids have ever done this, but it was a first for me when my 18-month-old literally didn't stop screaming—the writhing, flailing-out-of-my-arm kind of screaming—for three whole days while I tried to take my girls along with me on a business trip. You know, for "fun."

It was not pretty and I know now that my daughter was coming down with an ear infection and was just miserable. But over the course of the two nights when she screamed bloody murder non-stop and not sleeping a wink, you had better believe I had all of these thoughts, much like any parent who has just wanted their kid to go the fuck to sleep.

Heck, even America's favorite and newly single sweetheart, Jennifer Garner totally gets the frustration of trying to deal with a child who just won't go to sleep. If you haven't seen her reading the infamous book in the sweet and patient tone of parents who are thisclosetolosingit yet, you need to. In the meantime, I think we can all relate to the thoughts that run through our minds in those moments...

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1. Hearing that first initial whimper from them right after you tuck yourself into bed:

Image via GIPHY

2. Holding the pacifier over the crib in hopes that you can pop it in the baby's mouth fast enough before they wake up all the way:

Image via GIPHY

3. Your baby when you try everything up your sleeve to get her to sleep:

Image via GIPHY

4. That moment when you finally give up to step outside the bedroom and just cry a little to yourself:

Image via GIPHY

5. When you realize that you are totally and completely trapped by your own stubborn offspring alone until morning:

Image via GIPHY

6. Finally resigning yourself to the fact that it will be easier to just give up and wait until morning:

Image via GIPHY

7. How you feel when morning finally comes:

Image via GIPHY

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8. And also very much this:

Image via GIPHY

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