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Annoying Habits I've Picked Up as a Parent

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In many ways, becoming a mother has made me a better person. I have more patience. Compassion. The unconditional, selfless love I have for my child has helped me grow as a person.

I am more aware of what is going on in the world, and far more involved in trying to make it a better place. I can multi-task in ways I never thought possible, often accomplishing more by lunchtime than I used to all day. Even as a professional.

I have also picked up some habits I wish I could drop like a hot potato:

1. Referring to myself in the third person

As in, "Mommy is going to cook dinner now." Or "Mommy has to go potty and needs privacy." I am more than "Mommy." I'm proud of my role and a parent and revel in it. But it is far from my only role. But what's it going to take to stop calling myself, "Mommy"?

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I do the same thing with my husband. Without even thinking, I find myself calling him "Daddy." Why? He's not my father. He has a name. But in the presence of our child I have an annoying tendency to use his parenting label. He's never indicated that it bothers him, but it does me. I knew and loved this man long before he became a parent.

2. Speaking like a toddler

My child is seven. I am middle aged. Yet I still find myself saying things like, "Before we leave, do you need to use the potty?" I cringe every time.

I picked this habit up when we were potty training, and I wish I had never used the word. We don't normally use baby talk with our child. We never did. This has been one of the few exceptions. And I can't seem to get the word out of my vocabulary no matter how hard I try.

3. Using my parenting status as a conversation starter

I was recently hanging out with really creative, cool professionals. It was an outing I had arranged with people I've worked with remotely for several years but had never actually met. We had all been looking forward to it, especially me since I don't get out much.

Sitting next to one of these creatives, I found myself start a conversation with, "So, do you have children?"


I'm sitting next to a fascinating professional who has so many interesting experiences to draw from and that's what I start with? I wanted to slap myself. (In my defense, he works for a children's television show, and that is how we are connected. But still.)

I could go on and on, but I know I am not alone in picking up these kind of quirks. So I asked some of my fellow writers what habits they had developed since becoming parents that annoy them:

Carla: Eating dinner before 6 p.m.

Amy: Eating in under 5 minutes flat. Between putting spoonfuls in the baby's mouth and making constant adjustments to my picky preschooler's meal, I am left with almost no time to feed myself. I eat so fast it hurts. And I find myself eating like the clock is ticking even on date night with no kids around.

Sheila: Going to sleep at 8:30. Dreadful.

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Jill: Yes!!! This is ME TOO!! My husband and I are both in bed around 9 ... and we go to SLEEP.

Rebekah: Being fine with looking rough as hell going out of the house. I used to always look nice.

Tracy: I say "poop" pretty much all the time now, and I was always, always shy about body function terms. For example, I (and my sister) have never said f-a-r-t.

You know what? Mommy can totally relate.

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