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When Your Kid's Birthday Wish Is for a New Mom

I recently saw a viral video of a 4-year-old boy blowing out his candles on his birthday cake and wishing for a new mommy for his birthday. Ouch!

Any mother would feel the pain and embarrassment of this boy's mom, but personally I hope she feels completely at peace, maybe even tickled by this wish.

In case you find that you get wished away by your children in the near future, here's a list of things you can do to manage:

1. Hey, maybe mommy should have a break.

Pack your suitcase and go away from a long weekend to a restore yourself. We all need a break from preparing meals, washing clothes, managing screen time and making birthday cakes.

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2. Retire from your mommy duties for several days but remain home.

Spend a few days being childless again, at least in your mind. Allow your kids to manage on their own.

3. Invite a friend to come over and be the new and improved mommy.

But be sure she doesn't make life better or more desirable. You'll want your kids to want you back and appreciate every little thing you do for them.

4. If you really feel bothered, spend some time discussing with your child why he or she wants a new mommy.

Hey, maybe it'll be a good bonding moment.

5. Accept that motherhood means not always being liked by your children.

6. Admit to yourself that you sometimes want your children to have a new mommy.

Give yourself permission to admit there are those times when the feelings are mutual. (Someone else cleaning up the food mess doesn't seem too bad.)

7. I've never met a baby who can resist a good cuddle with his mama.

In those moments when your baby boy is wishing you away, consider cuddling. All it takes is 20 seconds and harmony is restored.

8. Trade places with your child.

Let him or her be the parent and you be the child and show them how they behave. Fight for that Academy Award for your role of most-resistant child.

9. Let your child know when his behavior is hurtful.

Mommies have feelings, and though I don't make my child responsible for my feelings, I make sure he knows that I feel stuff.

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10. Don't get too caught up by the slight, because the one thing you can count on when parenting young children is change.

For example, your son will change his mind after the first bite of cake.

Photograph by: Twenty20

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