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21 Times Kids Totally Won at Cosplay

Kids love playing dress-up—and not just on Halloween. Put out a few scarves and an old pair of glasses and they'll pretend they're in a pirate costume, princess gown or the very special get-up of a favorite superhero.

There are also kids who REALLY love to play dress-up, going beyond what is merely a costume to become fully immersed in amazing feats of mini-cosplay. Sure, Disney characters dominate in the realm of kids' cosplay, but other pop culture icons show up at conventions and on social media as well. Here are 21 times found cosplay inspiration outside the Magic Kingdom.

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1. DC Girls

A group of DC girl cosplayers get goofy.

2. Outerspace

A super cute My Little Martian by Glitter and Wit.

3. Battle of the Superheroes

Here's an interesting take on Batman Vs. Superman!

4. #Blessed

A very detailed dress-up in honor of the Sisters Of Plenitude from "Dr. Who".

5. Heaven Sent

The same amazing mini cosplayers posed as the Weeping Angles also from "Dr. Who."

6. Body Image

Here they are AGAIN, this time as a pair of Female Titans.

7. Dr. Where?

This Dalek inspired dress (from "Dr. Who") actually could be worn anywhere (not just in a Tardis).

8. Anime

This Kiki (from "Kiki's Delivery Service") has a very important accessory, her broom.

9. Hitting the Book

This kid makes an awesome Manolo (from "Book of Life"). Check out the full effect of the costume when they put their mask below.

10. Next Chapter

Impressive right?

11. Wook, Mom!

These little Ewoks certainly are the right size, especially next to a towering Chewbacca.

12. Out of This World

This pint-sized "Guardians of the Galaxy" team look totally ready to save the world.

13. Boss

Kids even pull off a tribute to "Office Space."

14. Little Gotham

These tiny versions of The Punisher and the Joker look pretty fierce.

15. #SquadGoals

This girl is ready for the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie with her Harley Quinn ensemble.

16. #MoreSquadGoals

And this boy is ready for "Suicide Squad" with his own Joker costume.

17. Skullduggery

ALA Marie

18. Good and Bad

These two make a very serious old-school Joker and Starlord ("Guardians of the Galaxy").

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19. Trolling

This isn't only about boxes, these four totally upped the ante with these Boxtrolls costumes.

20. Welp.

This girl's "Deadpool" costume may not seem appropriate now, but this was taken 8 months ago so we'll cut them some slack.

21. Maybe Just Scare Him?

Let's hope these little kids dressed up as "Kill Bill" characters haven't seen the uber violent inspiration for their costumes. They do look like they can take on anyone, especially with the company of a stormtrooper.

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