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9 Baby and Kid Things Parents Buy Way More Than Once

Photograph by Twenty20

Having a baby isn't merely an investment of your time, energy, love and DNA, it's also a financial one too. And I'm not just talking about the big things like preschool tuition and saving for college.

There is a myriad of obvious basic needs that must be fulfilled—and paid for—such as food, shelter and clothing. And then, there are the little somethings, 75 percent of which you should just plan on buying more than once (and, much of it, like, every time you go to Target). It's more than a sting to your wallet, more like an assault on it (and your wits).

Here are nine things parents have to buy one, two or, let's be honest, 200 times per child.

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1. Pacifiers

Did you think you'd be buying dozens of pacifiers as a parent? Yeah, probably not. Babies drop pacifiers, not unlike Jay-Z drops rhymes. You'd think that with their need to suck and grab stuff, a baby's pacifier would never get lost. But those little ones, they are just so careless.

2. Sophie the Giraffe

Does your baby have a Sophie the Giraffe? Does your baby LOVE their Sophie the Giraffe? Has your child lost her Sophie the Giraffe once, twice, more than six times? Just like pacifiers, these comforting objects disappear, basically out of thin air. If you're buying one, you're buying three—minimum. Unlike pacifiers, Rite-Aid at 11 p.m. won't cut it. You've gotta Amazon Prime these suckers or make time for a trip to the local hipster baby store. Thankfully, all Sophies look the same, so odds are they'll never know it was truly lost.

Even though they are created to encapsulate the odors of your child's diapers, this magic is often fleeting.

3. Strollers

This is one of the biggies in both size and price that you buy for your baby—more than once. While you might think that one stroller will last your child through the baby and toddler years (plus the baby-lifespan of future siblings), it's amazing what can happen. The stroller can break, become embarrassingly worn or get snagged by thieves right out in front of your local Safeway. Take it from me, you'll need more than one stroller during your baby and toddler years, so budget wisely. My advice? Don't get the fill-in-the-blank-of-that-pricey-trendy-stroller, just get one that works.

4. Diaper bag

If you are a bag lady (one that appreciates a carryall more than they should—not a woman who hoards things in plastic bags), then you will have way more than one diaper bag. If you think you are the kind of gal that only needs one diaper bag throughout your child's diaper years, you will probably end up with a second one due to diaper explosions, spilled sippy cups and that mysterious brown gunk that you really don't want to know the origin of. Sometimes it is best to just replace and move on.

5. Diapers

I bet you had NO idea you'd be buying so, so, so, so many diapers. According to the DiaperPlanner.com, you'll go through 2,457 diapers in your baby's first year. Multiply that by two years, throw in another kid or two, and you would have gone through thousands and thousands of diapers.

Every month or so, we realize that she's completely out of them, and I buy yet another new pack.

6. Diaper pail

A diaper pail, or a "diaper disposal system," is supposed to last throughout your baby's diaper-donning years. Even though they are created to encapsulate the odors of your child's diapers, this magic is often fleeting. After a while, the pails sort of absorb that horrendous stench. While a diaper pail won't be a regular purchase, depending on the model you buy, you might have to buy more than once.

7. Backpacks

Think your child will use one backpack for the whole school year? Think again. That won't be happening. Even if you think the backpack is sturdy and strong, kids have a knack for achieving the impossible and destroying even the most well-made backpacks. Then there are those kids who start the school year off with a Pokemon backpack and only to declare that they are like "so over" Pokemon and insist on that Doctor Who Tardis shaped one.

8. Socks

Socks have a tendency to go missing. Even Jerry Seinfeld did a riff on the phenomenon: "Socks are the most amazing article of clothing. They hate their lives. They're in the shoes with stinky feet, the boring drawers. The dryer is their only chance to escape, and they all know it."

And apparently the smaller the sock, the easier it is for them to escape. If you want to have your child wear matching socks, then you'll have to buy way more of them then you'd think you'd ever, ever have to.

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9. Hair bands

My daughter has long hair, and she often wears it in a ponytail or a bun. But only after I have looked all over tarnation for a hair band for her to use. Every month or so, we realize that she's completely out of them, and I buy yet another new pack. Without fail, after we've purchased a new set, we find old ones under the couch, in her pant's pockets and in crevices in the car we didn't know existed. But it doesn't matter that we found the old ones, those disappear again along with the new ones, and we have to head to the store yet again.

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